Happy Monday!


As happy as a Monday can be, anyway.   Statistically, its the most likely day of the week to have a heart-attack.

How’s that for grim tidings?


So today is the first day I don’t have to come home and start packing stuff up to move over to the new house.    That’s because I’m all moved out.   Old house is cleaned up and devoid of any trappings of occupancy.    Its sad.    Its also losing its power and water, so it’ll be sitting there freezing in the cold.    At least I can drive by it now and again and wave at it.

Instead of running home to pack something up… I’ll be running to storage to load up my car and start the exodus of belongings from there.     Gabe really wants a Christmas tree, so first order of business is to retrieve the ornaments.    Best thing is… its all staying onsite when the holiday is come and gone.   He doesn’t know it yet, but when he’s off of work his job is to go fetch a tree.    Or assemble a fake one.  His choice.    We have five fake trees between us.   Not counting the Halloween one.     My plan was to donate them all to charity.    I’m not all that particular myself, but a real one is always nice… and he pretty much would rather have real over fake… so it didn’t seem worthwhile to keep storing them…

But now we have a huge house and I probably need my fake ones so I can live my dream of having a tree in every room.     :)     It was all started when my late (step) grandpa Lee donated us a Christmas tree.    I don’t remember if we just didn’t like it, or already had a bigger one… but that year we had a tree in the living room and a tree in the dining room.     Always fascinated by Yule-trees, I was pretty awestruck at having such a luxurious lifestyle I could have two trees in my house.    I certainly thought we were the cool kids for it.


Got another package from the parental units of Oklahoma.    You guys rock.    But I’m waiting until Saturday to open them.


Tonight(ish) is the Full Moon, as well as a full Lunar Eclipse…   coinciding with the Winter Solstice.    Officially I think it all kicks off midnight Eastern.    Time zones are tricky, but its a neat arrangement of celestial events.    Accounts vary, but its been some centuries since we had a lunar eclipse on the shortest day of the year.   (Well, for my Northern Hemisphere fans anyway… those of you south of the equator are, of course, in summer!   No snow for you.)

The winter solstice marks a time of rebirth and renewal, and the eclipse only exacerbates that.    So tonight/tomorrow is a grand time to start bringing about your own rebirth and/or renewal in whatever areas of your life need refreshing.   

It’s auspicious for me, given that Gabe and I have spent the last year operating without any real sense of direction… knowing much in our future was in limbo.   Recently we’ve had some changes and find ourselves entering this time with a definitive course.   New house, new job (for Gabe)…   one chapter of our lives has closed and a new one begun.   Renewal and rebirth.     That and eclipses are my portent anyway.   Lunar or solar, I’m not picky.    Time for the Rite of House Warming.

Speaking of warming your home… those eco-friendly duraflame-like logs for the fireplace?    Forget them.  They’re crap.    That or the instructions weren’t followed.   But its not like a duraflame-like log is a mystery or anything…  so I’m going with crappy.      A very disappointing fireplace experience we had with it.   

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