Holiday Dinner


This entry is a bit late, as I’ve been having some camera difficulties.   My camera took a trip through the laundry and is now a shiny paper-weight.    Gabe’s camera I have no direct plugin for the computer, and I’ve only now just located my USB adapter to read the memory card so I could extract the photos I took to document this feat.


Anyway, for Christmas this year I endeavored to cook my first holiday meal.    Kind of strange I’ve made it over 30 years into life without having to prepare my own holiday dinner, but I guess I’m just blessed that way.   

I decided it would be a good trial run for that day when I actually host a holiday for family.    Now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I feel confident in tackling the challenge of a holiday feast.


For the turkey I kind of cheated in that I got one that came in a so-called fool-proof bag.   I’m not sure if its really fool-proof.   I suppose I could have it tested, but then again, the High Lord Fool is pretty adept in the kitchen.    I’ve sampled his cooking.    I’m confident he could pull it off without a fool-proof bag.     Either that or he’ll burn his hand regardless of the fool-proofing.

In any case, it turned out pretty good.   The skin was a bit charred, but it was moist and juicy just the way we like it:


Gabe did the carving for me  (that I have pulled off in the past):


And then we were left with a carcass:


Far less appealing, I’m afraid, with the meat off the bone.   I wasn’t all that interested in making soup out of it, so after rescuing the legs, I had the remains tossed out.


Turkey wasn’t the whole of the menu though.   Gabe was treated to stuffing and home-made mashed potatoes (from actual potatoes I cooked, not some potato-out-of-the-box).

We also had green-beans (though not as a casserole), jellied cranberry sauce, and of course a dinner role and some gravy.

Here is the whole meal, plated:


Yum!    I should note that I burned six out of eight total dinner roles.    Next time I will be sure to check the settings on my toaster oven.   Smile    Still, given I’ve had no experience cooking a holiday dinner, I think having only the dinner roles turn out inedible is a triumph.    Fortunately I had spares.

It was delicious and it was a couple of hours before we were ready for desert.   That consisted of my mom’s traditional holiday gelatin desert  (do we have a name for it?).   I made it with raspberry instead of the usual lime… because Gabe does not much care for lime jello.    (He’s odd like that.)

I also baked another home-made pumpkin pie.    I’ve made three of them this year in total.   They’re quite good.  



As you can see from this photo, the meal fully satisfied:



There we have it.  I can officially cook a holiday dinner.    I do now, however, have a deeper appreciation for kitchens with multiple ovens.

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