House Hunt


We think we have a place identified to move too.   Unfortunately its in a different neighborhood than the one i’m currently in….     BUT   it will be a homecoming of sorts if we get approved.

Its in my old hood… the church’s hood…    on a street called Clemson.     Nicest part of that neighborhood too…   The people there take really good care of their houses.    It was obvious ten years, or so ago, when I lived there.   Parts of the neighborhood haven’t faired all that well since, but this section is still very much the nicest part and seems untouched by the time I’ve been away.    Very quiet too, which will be nice.

Bigger yard for the puppies to play in as well.    I can’t wait for the holidays of 2011.    I’m gonna have a lot of fun setting up halloween there.    We can finally go all out on the yard.

A bit more expensive than the current place, but I think all in all it will be worth it.   Its in very good condition, and a bit more modern.  I suspect that while my rent will be increasing, other things like my heating bill will be decreasing as a result of things like better weather-proofing.    With central a/c… that should cut costs too by not having to run three different air conditioners in key locations around the house.     In the grand-scheme of things we should pretty much be breaking even.    Lets hope anyway.

Oh and it has a garage.   My car will be doing cartwheels in the lawn for that.    Of course since it isn’t built for such things, it will probably total itself out in the process.    Silly car.

Anyway, Gabe is picking up the application at lunch today.   The lady that owns it seems really excited about us.    She made some comments yesterday when we were viewing it that she had just recently bought the place from an elderly couple.   One of their concerns was that it was sold to someone who would take care of it.   Its obvious from the condition of the place they had a lot of love for their home.    Its kind of endearing that the new owner is serious about her promise to them.   Her biggest concern is getting tenants that will take care of the property too.    I don’t think she could ask for better ones.     The before and after of the current place is astonishing.   It went from literal shit-hole to  “wow, you have such a nice house,” under Gabe’s tenancy.   If we get the place, we’ll be starting from “wow, you have such a nice house” so I’m kind of curious to see what become of it there.    

The implications for Radcliffe are…   promising.   

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