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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you got enough decorations up to make it feel like home this year. My family also does Christmas big, though they didn’t have multiple trees until we were out of the house. The other year they had 7 or something, of varying sizes. I try to keep it simple with two – the regular one and a small one for miniature ornaments. With all the trouble the cats can be I think I’ll take them down Monday though. It just takes up too much room and I’m ready to have that space back.

    I hope you enjoy your holidays!

    1. We got a tree up at least, and some of the village that accompanies it spread about. Gabe’s putting some finishing touches on it right now actually.

      A very merry Christmas to You, Carrie, and the furry ones. 🙂

        1. Yeah, i’m pretty convinced I should get started on the holiday decor… next month. My mom is sending me some stuff she found online for Halloween. How-To’s and what not from people as insane about making their home a haunted-house attraction as I am. One of my more ambitious projects is to transform one of the rooms into a tomb for my life-sized mummy. For that we need to build some props.

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