The Post Move Monday Update


Good morning!    I am pleased to report that the move went off without a hitch.    Only one minor moment of frayed nerves resulting in snappiness between me and Mr. Gabe…    I’m proud of us for keeping our cool in exhausting circumstances.

Lost some inches on my waist in the process, as a pair of pants I’ve never needed a belt with were staying up just fine on Saturday, but come Sunday I had to keep pulling them back up.     According to the scale, I’ve reduced my body fat by a couple percentage points as well.     I guess now that I’ve moved all our belongings I’ll have to get back into normal exercise routines.    I’m surprisingly unsore this morning.   Musta been the first long, hot shower I’ve had in over a year that I took last night.     I LOVE the new water heater.  I could fit a couple of bodies in there its so big.

So Saturday was not only the day we officially brought the NEW Radcliffe online  (aka the New Temple, to keep with our biblical themes).    Yup.   12 – 11 – 10    That’s the date to remember.      Also on that date, this blog reached a new record with 49 views.    If only I had one more person interested in my ramblings…

Apparently that fire ‘scare’ the night before got you all interested.    Either that or you were all really in need of some party etiquette.     What do you think?  Should “Cindy Goes to a Party” be official Radcliffe training material?

This week entails final clean-up of the old place.    We are slightly ahead of schedule.

That is all.. I’m going to get to work now.

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