That’s the sound that is made when the various aspects of your life, that have been floating up in the air (figuratively of course) suddenly and definitively lock into place for you, thereby stabilizing the chaos that has been the norm.    (And people say there is no magic in the world.)

My chief engineer informs me the temporary alarm should be up and running and that I’m now green-lighted to begin the actual moving of stuff.   That’s my day for today.   : )

Tuesday, Mr. Gabe starts his new job.   He’ll be working for ADI.   So that’s two full-time incomes we’re back too.   No more of the on-again, off-again situation of him working.   He gets to stay within his industry so he’s pretty excited.   No more crawling around dirty attics or gross under-houses either.   : )

The transitions are going much smoother than foreseen.    His old boss was uncharacteristically nice and gracious about his departure.   The landlady is being quite flexible in allowing us to space out the deposit so we’re not experiencing too much financial strain in moving.  

The Force is with us.

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