So begins the new life…

Officially and utterlly all moved out. We had our turn-over-the-keys inspection yesterday evening at about 5 PM pacific. All went well. The property management firm should be receiving the cash-for-keys check today or tomorrow, at which point he’ll let us know so we can pick it up. Thus, all is well in the world.

It also means not having to be on any particular clock or timetable anymore. I can unpack things at my own liesure. Though all the boxes are a bit much, so it spurs me to tackle it sooner rather than later. Besides, I have a 10×10 that needs clearing out too… and floor space in the garage to stage that would be helpful.

In the meantime, we’re setting up some Christmas. Not quite the ‘decorate the tree on Christmas Eve’ thing, but close. 🙂

Keeping in mind I’ve been actively living in the new place for just over a week now… the final good bye at the old place clearly affected me. All this time I’ve managed to keep it clear in my head which home I was travelling too… but last night, afterwards… I found myself driving to the wrong home on two occasions. Moving sucks, but I can’t say I’m sorry I’ve moved. Feel good about this place. I NEVER sleep well in a strange place. This one has a host of unfamiliar noises. Yet, from the very first night, I’ve had no uneasyness about it… no fits of insomnia… just peaceful sleep. Not sure what’s up with that. Its been very auspicious, this new house. One couldn’t really get more clear that one is definitely in the right place at the right time, on the right path.

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