this just in… the update

Move to condition two.

Seems as though Reno FD has the situation under control. Pretty much every engine in town was here, surrounding the hospital. All but those on my street (of course) have since departed. Seems the event is localized to a section that shares a street with us.

No more smoke (which may have been an optical illusion with the clouds… kinda unsure now). Though some non-fire trucks have pulled up and another bystander mentioned the responders were huddled around a gas tank of some sort. That would likely be the oxygen tank on the side of the building. We know all about that from being woken up at midnight every night while they refill it. I suspect they’re taking precautionary measures. Oxygen and fire go a little too well together.

Anyway, exciting as all that was, we don’t appear to be under any threat at this time. Cell phone is charging.

End of line.

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