I think I am getting antsy for the spring time.    I think a few trees are as well.   One in the yard of my neighbors looks like its wanting to bud leaves.    Of course there are still stragglers from autumn attached.    None of the other trees are showing signs of it, so I’m thinking its just natural for that one to look that way when hibernating.

In anycase, Imbolc is almost here.   I was at the wal-mart the other day and found, stashed in a corner, some herb-in-a-pot gardening leftovers from last spring.

Parsley, basil, and rosemary.   

Imbolc is a bit about the seeds, so I’m eager for it to get here and do something with them.


On the plus side, we’ve had some nice weather that feels like early spring.   I can comfortably be in a t-shirt when in the sun again.   I’m hoping winter does not drag on too long as it did last year.    Would be nice to get some rain though.

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