Hello world! Vote the Motto of 2011!

No, I haven’t dropped off it. Just haven’t had a whole lot of ideas for blogging… something I need to push myself harder on. The point of this thing is to hone my writing ability and I can’t do that if I don’t write. The idea is to force myself into writing something, anything, every single day.

So new year, new motto… except I’m the only one who has voted. Radcliffians… point your browser to our website and get your vote in. You’ll find a link on the left-hand side, as well as in the announcements. Otherwise you leave it to me to unilaterally decide the motto for you. Note that you will need an account on the site to cast a vote, so you will need to complete the new user registration process if you don’t already have an account. Have one and forgot your credentials? Email me for a password reset (or to retrieve a forgotten user name).

New User registration is a manual process, whereby I have to go in and do things once you submit the info… so be forewarned. Register now so you can vote later. 🙂

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