Just thought I’d drop into my blog here, to say hello to everyone.    I’ve been holed-up at home most of the week.   Not feeling well, but starting to feel better.    Just gonna take things slow and easy for the next few days until I’m feeling like my normal self.


I can’t help thinking recovery might go swifter if I hadn’t spent a good chuck of that time telecommuting for work.   But one must weigh the stress of working with the stress of that work going undone and piling up for your return.

I opted for the prior.    Might have made a break-through in a reporting issue that has been plaguing me the past three weeks, but now all our source data is suspect so I don’t know.    The joys of my job.

(It has not escaped my notice that while the reports we have failing, are indeed ones I now own, I was not the original developer on any of them. Yet they continue to give us head-aches. Meanwhile those I did develop from scratch seem to be problem-free… well assuming the data is good… garbage in, garbage out.)

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