Moving to the middle


Kind of interesting…  half of all new voters are registering non-partisan… and the other half is moving democrat?    I would love Nevada to light up purple in 2012.    But electoral votes don’t actually work that way (here).

I would point out that Mr. Lokken seems a bit off on his notion that going non-partisan evaporates all that wonderful campaign outreach.     I’ve been registered non-partisan all my voting life.   (Ahead of the curve if this is to be believed.)    If anything I feel more hounded than not.   Maybe in years past what he was getting at was more true than it is today.   Since 2000 we’ve been nearly divided between the parties, and we keep hearing about how independent voters will decide each race.   Maybe we do and maybe we don’t, but I hear it a lot.

I get lots and lots of wasted paper products depicting various candidates.   I’ve had to become threatening to the people blowing up my cell phone with calls and texts telling me who to vote for.   (Tactics, I might add, that only speak to me of how wasteful a candidate will be of our resources like paper.   It does speak to me of their regard for such things… let alone that of my cell bill.    Go Everything Data plan!)   I’ve certainly not been left alone to make up my own voting mind..     I don’t know how it compares to my registered-partisan friends.    The only things I’ve been left out of are the primaries and that campaign outreach.   Well and our caucuses too….    but I view that as a good thing.     Political parties are an evil that I don’t find to be necessary.

Oh, and MS. Whitaker… your vote does count… but only in a general election, which is the only election that really matters anyway.     Though if this trend continues, and Nevada becomes more and more non-partisan in its voting base… we might just see our policies on participation in things like primaries change as well.     We,the voting public, could call for it anyway…   

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