That’s RPG as in Role-Playing-[Video] Game


Its always an amusing, if not unpredictable, scenario in what blog posts generate attention.    Yesterday i capped out at 29 and today I’m already up to 30 (though WordPress is situated in the future, so the day ends for the blog before it ends for me).

it seems my posting about the year ahead of me in gaming is generating a lot of attention.

I don’t know why.   Its just a simple list of video games that aren’t even out yet.    Maybe they thought I meant something else by RPG.

Role-playing game.   In these cases more the sword-swinging, spell-casting kind than the gun-toting slaughter.   Well at least up until I get my hands on Mass Effect 3.  Then it will be about RPGs in the RPG and of course space ships.   Will I get a new Normandy?   Or might the SR-2 actually survive into the main story of the threequel?

Might depend on how ME2 ended.   (In my play-throughs, the ship makes it out alive, as does my entire crew.   As a Captain I guess I’m pretty good.)

Sometime between now and the year’s end, I should play through 1 and 2 in preparation.   

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    1. Exciting, isn’t it?

      Too damn bad it wasn’t 1/11/11 or 1/1/11…

      but still… last I officially heard “Oh, we’d love to make another elder scrolls game if the right story comes along”

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