Thirteen Tribes


I simply do not get why the world keeps jumping on things like its brand new, when in fact its old hat.

For instance this notion that your zodiac sign isn’t what you think it should be.    This isn’t new.   The serpent bearer’s omission from the traditional zodiac, despite being along the same plane as the others, has been well known for a few millennia now.   That the apparent location of the stars shifts, in relation to astrological concerns, was determined in 280 BC.     The Babylonians just decided to omit Ophiuchus arbitrarily.   No one wanted to remember their Cylon brethren, so we have twelve signs and not thirteen.   

Seriously.    Tropical zodiac is only very loosely based on the constellations anyway.   Its not about what constellation the sun is in, despite popular belief.   Sidereal zodiac gets it better, but still isn’t perfect, about aligning the signs to the actual constellations they represent.    In fact my sign, Pisces, only barely touches the actual constellation of Pisces in either setup.    Astronomically I’m an Aquarius.   Sidereal I’m an Aquarius.     (We migrated to Picon when I was a boy.)

Tropical zodiac is simply a division of the sky into equal parts, with each part assigned to a constellation it doesn’t really correlate with.     Constellations simply do not come in a standardized size.     So if we follow constellations, we don’t get neatly divided segments of the year.

Deluxe Moon is a great app for your Android that can illustrate the discrepancy between the two main western systems of astrology and the actual constellations they  are supposed to represent.   Again, Sidreal is a lot better than tropical on that, but they are not perfect.

I’m gonna go with Cyrodillic astrology anyway.    Since I was born in the month of First Seed, I’m under the constellation of the Lord.  On my birthday a dragon comes out of the desert to devour the wicked.     (Quite auspicious, really, when you consider me.   I have a thing for dragons, I dwell in the desert, and I have little patience for the truly wicked.)  


Other things that seem new to people now, but have actually been around for a long time now…

Smart phones with Apps.    Had those on my Handspring  (a Palm derivative.. and while my device did not include phone capabilities, they certainly existed).    Anyone remember my gaydar app?   I see its been resurrected for the droid.

DVRs and delayed-viewing.    In the 90s it was the VCR and VCR+ to make setting our recording schedules easy (and to further illustrate how widespread it was that we even came up with VCR+ tech)… even when they shift time slots on you.   (Just came across some of the tapes from my rotation.    The idea that people have only recently begun watching things after-the-aired instead of live is completely stupid.    One producer suggested I pretend it was the 90s and tune in live.   Nope, sorry.  maybe the 80s, but in the 90s, the VCR was my good friend.)

Tablets.   Microsoft came out with tablet PCs in the early 2000s.    They still exist and are far more feature-rich than anything Apple or Google are pitching.


I blame the generation that have no idea what a VCR is.   🙂



In other news, i have determined that my new phone prevents my computer from booting.    The BIOS gets hung up on what it thinks is a third CD-drive and wants to know if I want to boot from it… but there is nothing on it to boot.   Unplug the phone and Windows immediately begins to load.  Plug it back in.. Windows comes to a screeching halt and will not continue to boot until I unplug the phone again.

At least I have the satisfaction of knowing my PC is not experiencing hardware failures.   But I’ll need to devise an alternative charging solution for those nights I am expecting my computer to be rebooting from its maintenance activities.

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