Post VD Day


Yesternight’s frozen treat experiment?    Chocolate-covered strawberry ice cream.   In honor of Valentine’s day.   Also lactose free.   Tried out the tapioca cream as a substitute to the heavy whipping cream.  I need to try it with plain old vanilla to make sure it comes out as vanilla-flavored and not tapioca-flavored before I can sign off on it.    For chocolate, though, it worked out beautifully.   Great consistency and nice and creamy.    Better than the deserts we’d have gotten with dinner had we opted for them.

Gabe can’t remember the last time he’s been able to eat ice cream like this.  (A full bowl, two nights in a row.)    Makes me happy.    Truth be told the choice to redeem my service-reward for an ice cream maker was more geared at expanding his menu of dessert choices than anything else.  


He returned the favor with perhaps the nicest heart-shaped box of chocolates I’ve ever received.    Its got a plush top to it.    Its so nice-looking I hate to ruin it by eating the actual chocolate.   


Ha ha.  Outlook just gave me the email informing me that the ice cream maker has been shipped.  (Wonder if I’m getting another one.)    I got it two days after placing the order.    Old news!  

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