I feel the need to celebrate.   I have been, quite literally, working to fix a critical but problematic report for darn near a month solid now.

It mysteriously broke on the 8th of January, when we had a new, but big, client come onboard our new clinical platform.   Well, its a year old now, not sure we can still consider it new.

Anyway…   its just been a real pain.     Long days, late nights, weekends…   I haven’t had a true day off in about a month… even when I was home sick for most of last week.

(I’m dedicated like that, I guess.)


But today I finally triumphed over it.    Granted, I’ve had to split it out into three different reports.  The main one really was three subreports baked together.   Given how our database is setup, and how the platform itself tracks things in a manner inconsistent with how the business tracks things…  I essentially had a report building a database every day to obtain its numbers from.   This just was not sustainable.   Slowly it grew to consume more and more hours of processing time, not to mention server bandwidth.     All in all, it was just doing too much the way its written.


I do find it a bit amusing that all my problem reports are ones I didn’t actually develop, but inherited from people either no longer with the company, or at least no longer on my team (and thus no longer responsible for the report they built).

Those reports I personally developed?   No issues to speak of.   Garbage data, sometimes, but that’s a data integrity issue and not a report issue.

Of course these inherited reports are some of the most important ones for our operations division, so it goes with out saying I’ve been under a tremendous amount of pressure to get things working again.


Now that I have something stable running on a daily basis (three separate reports) I can focus all my energies into the permanent solution for this reporting… which is a database solution that puts all the data together for us, so our report isn’t trying to build that data on the fly every day.     I can’t wait.   Even though it means all the work for the last month will be scrapped and the reports all re-developed to use the new database solution.   

In the long run, my work life will be less painful.

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