Extremely Timely…




Pretty much how I feel about the phone too….   remember.. my cell phone is for my convenience in calling out when I need to… not for your convenience in reaching me whenever you darn well please.  🙂

Not that I really mind phone calls… but the reason I don’t place many is that I prefer to relegate the telephone to simply conveying critical information from one party to another.    Same with texting.   Neither suit me for actual conversation.    Which is why I go silent once it becomes clear the texting isn’t to ask a question, but to occupy your bored mind.    If its chit-chat you want, come on over and talk to me in person.  :)   Just call ahead. 


The second to last paragraph is the most telling…


Telephones were first sold exclusively for business purposes and only later as a kind of practical device for the home. Husbands could phone wives when traveling on business, and wives could order their groceries delivered. Almost immediately, however, people began using the telephone for social interactions. “The phone companies tried to stop that for about 30 years because it was considered improper usage,” Dr. Fischer said.

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