goes live!

Truth be told, its launch-components and framework have been up and running for a few weeks now. I’ve been tweaking some things, configuring layouts, and trying to put some actual content up in there before going to public with it.

Today is the day I call that done. Understand that is, and likely forever will be, a work-in-progress. is replacing my super-profile as an independant website all about me.

I’m setting it up into ‘channels’ or ‘content-areas’ that I have aliased as subdomains (so savvy web-surfers can get to the content of interest more quickly). I’ve also added a little menu to the blog here to help you get around. You see, I consider this blog very much part of the site. It was the first thing to have a subdomain ( gets you here just as surely as does.) However, its not actually hosted with the rest of the site, since it resides on’s servers. I don’t have any immediate plans to alter that. (Primarily because is the only means I have of automatically syndicating this blog into the social web… those twitter, myspace, yahoo, and facebook status updates don’t write themselves… oh wait! They do!) Since I know too many of you wouldn’t be able to follow me without status updates in social networking sites I don’t much visit these days… I think its going to stay put.

What other features do I have?

Profile ( – This will ultimately expand to provide what one would expect to find in a profile for someone. It will be modeled off things like social networking sites as to the type of information it provides, but being under my control will be expanded upon in ways things like Facebook just won’t allow. At the moment though, all you get are some fun factoids about me. They’re newly updated answers to the various questions that anchored my old super-profile.

Blog ( – You are here. Self explanatory.

Photos ( – This is something I’m hoping to get my friends and family involved in. Its a photo gallery featuring yours truly. However there are broad swaths of my life for which I lack any photographic evidence that I indeed lived it. It would be great to get friends and family members setup with accounts so they can start uploading some of that stuff directly to my gallery. Fewer excuses for not doing it that way. 🙂 Who knows, maybe mine will not be the only face to grace its pages.

Xbox ( – This chronicles my Avatar’s adventures on Xbox Live. It consists of my Xbox’s blog. Yes, my Xbox writes its very own blog… filled with all sorts of trash talk about me. Kinda neat that. Sadly the service provider that served up the widget displaying my gamercard shut down yesterday. Quite unexpected. I have yet to find a working replacement for it, but am on the hunt. Maybe I’ll just dive into the xbox development community stuff (it powers these widgets) and do something more custom. Right now this is being treated as a top-level-content-channel, but I forsee it getting demoted as a child-channel for a new gaming one. Xbox is my console of choice, but is not my only outlet for video gaming.

Music ( – No idea what this will ultimatley grow into. For the time being, though, you can check out my card from the Zune Social. Its flash-based and keeps itself up-to-date with whatever it is I’m listening too on my Zune (though that does require my Zune to talk to my computer once in awhile, so the computer can pass that on to the Zune servers… and I don’t generally connect it except when I need to sync new content to it.)

Projects ( – This area is for providing you links to the things I find myself involved with.

Future things…

Who knows. I’m strongly considering a pets channel to profile my critters. I love them like children, and since procreation is unlikely, I might as well go all out in my pretense.

What would you like to see?

If you’ve read this far… thanks for staying with me. 🙂 I really do appreciate it. I’d also very much appreciate your taking the time to register at I’m still unlocking MojoPortal’s true potential, but I do want to make things somewhat socially interactive. I know I have comments enabled here and there, so you could use that.

Message me here if you have any problems (via the comments). If you have pictures of me and are interested in getting access to the photo gallery, message me as well.

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