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My introduction on Worst Little Podcast is now up for your listening pleasure.   Was a fun time hanging with the guys at the infamous DogWater Studios.   Kinda neat seeing it from the other side.    I find it fitting that my first adventure in a recording studio was in one owned/operated by a good friend of mine.    So shout out to Rick!

Anyway, check the latest episode of the podcast:    http://www.worstlittlepodcast.com


In other news, I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the various projects I have going on.   None of them finished, all in various states of in-progress.   I’m going to have to take stock of it today, reprioritized what I have going on, and just get it done.   Sometimes I multitask myself into delays.



Happy Birthday to my Aunt Amy.

Early Happy Birthday to my mom!

Happy Belated Birthday to HeatherBear.

Happy Early Birthday to Cheyenne.

Happy Early Birthday to me.


There was a failed attempt to celebrate my birth over the weekend.  Joined the Lathrop brothers and their ladies for dinner.   They had the bright idea to embarass me by having the restaurant staff come do their birthday gig.

A few problems with this.   First and foremost, I really dislike having that kind of attention cast on me.    Secondly, it was still February…  not only was it not my birthday, it wasn’t even the right month.    I consider it sacrilege and blasphemous (and not in a good way) to even consider celebrating a birthday in the wrong month… especially mine.    

Further, its kind of stupid anyway when everyone else in the restaurant is apparently sharing the birthday.   There comes a point when my dinner is ruined because the entire restaurant keeps erupting into some birthday-celebration-shouts.     Can’t a man dine in peace anymore?  

Anyway, I didn’t play along…   Told the waitress quite explicitly that it was 1) not my birthday and 2) I was not interested in desert, free or otherwise.  

Result:  Lots of wasted time by wait-staff who could have been tending to their tables.  That and a bowl of wasted ice-cream I refused to eat.   

Silver lining:   It is now well understood that the Stryse does not yield to peer-pressure.  this of course a bit of a change from, oh, 15 years ago, when he was more foolish in thinking he needed people’s acceptance.

Gabe says I should blame my party for it… and I do… but I also find myself unpleased with the Texas Roadhouse.    Sure the party instigated it, but when your customer is telling you “Look, I don’t want you guys coming over here making a fuss over my birthday-which-is-still-a-week-and-a-half-off.”  and then doing it anyway… No.   The waitress, representing the restaurant, then becomes an accomplice.     No tip for you.  Except I wasn’t paying, so didn’t get a say in that.    Regardless, I will not be returning to their establishment.   

Food was good, atmosphere not…  way over-crowded.   I didn’t feel safe comfortable in a place who has only a door and a half—max occupancy of 100 people based on how many could actually get out in an emergency—and at least 300 people crammed in there.   Not to mention the wait.  Won’t even put you on the list until your whole party is standing on your other customer’s toes, waiting for a table.   

Granted most of that is normal, but when you offend me by ignoring my explicit wishes to dine in peace, I’m certainly not patronizing your establishment.

It was good seeing Ben, James, and family… but I did not enjoy the dinner at all, and then they pulled the not-my-birthday shenanigans… which sealed the deal on my having a bad night over all.    Thanks, friends.   We’ll see if that plays into it being another year before we all get together again.  

Here it is Tuesday and I’m still ticked off about it.   Let it go man, let it go.   🙂

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