You be the judge…


This picture was taken during my senior year of high school during a visit to a super-secret alien space-station.   (Student of the month has its perks):


So this is me in 1996.   The little alien guy posing with me is Jake.   (I think that’s just the name he goes by since human tounges don’t do their language well.)    Sad that this is the closest thing I have to a senior picture.    The one the school took for my student-of-the-month award is actually a lot better, but I had only one print and think my grandma swiped it for her album.    We should scan that…

So yeah, that was me at 18.

Here’s me at 20:

Chair Lookin Up 2

And this was taken just a bit ago after returning to the office from lunch  (I just turned 33 a week ago):



Anyone see any noteworthy difference in appearance, or am I really this timeless?

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