Even Enterprise made it a Good Friday…


The second of these was just a neat pic I wanted to share with you.   VSS Enterprise completed its fifth, and so far longest, glide test on Friday, April 22, above the Mojave desert.

Here is the Enterprise touching down at the Mojave airport spaceport:

Enterprise touches down

But this one is just nifty, and likely soon to become a routine sight:

VSS Enterprise detaching from its carrier ship, the VMS Eve for its fifth glide flight.

Both photos:  CREDIT: Bill Deaver/Deaver-Wiggins and Associates

Getting closer to testing its actual rocket.   Last month, they did a hot-fire test using a 1/6th scale version in ground testing.   Apparently everything went swimmingly.

Seems the VSS Enterprise is doing its namesake shuttle proud, although this one is destined for space… or at least the edge of it.    If SpaceShipThree does become an orbital version.. I wonder if they’ll retire this one and christen the new one the Enterprise A ?

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