Here in Bizzaro world….


I moved out in the year 2000.   I did put a forwarding address on file at the time.   

Advance to 2011.

I’ve just moved about a block from the old house.

Guess what’s in my mailbox today?

Mail addressed to me, at the old house.   But its in my current house’s mailbox.  No forwarding sticker or anything… just a hand-written note reading ‘call to change address’    Call whom I wonder?

The spirits of Radcliffe must be active.

Or… my mailman is far more attentive than I give anyone credit for being.


Its also correspondence I fully recognize.   I received it before… back around the time I moved.  I recall having it in Sparks, and can’t fully recall if I received the first one at Radcliffe, then moved and got the second one via forwarding… or if they both came to me on San Remo….  

In anycase… the address it is addressed to hasn’t been mine in about a decade.   Its not exactly the kind of junk-mail, mailing-list type of stuff I’d expect to get from just happening to be on a mailing list either.


As a Founder, (not to mention a Jedi) I automatically have a less-than-orthodox view on things like coincidence…  

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