Today is an interesting day in the land of the interweb.    For two long dormant and forgotten domains have had new life breathed unto them.

DragonScapes has a pulse.

What’s particularly fortuitous is that the .net copy of the domain has been out of my ownership for several years now… due to a lapse in registration that had it snagged up at auction (or something).  

In anycase, I accidentally noted its availability today and was able to purchase it.   The .com one… which I’m pretty sure began as mine even longer ago… remains out of my reach.  It’s classified as a ‘premium’ domain with an asking price in excess of two-thousand.  

Seems I have a hot name.  But the .com still doesn’t have a site associated to it.   Up for sales that says.   Can’t say its all that premium when its two most popular counterparts are not only owned, but active.

Since holding out seems to be working…  

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