The Yo-Yo of Reno Weather


So today is supposed to be hot.  Summer hot.    Next week, well, we’re back to cool.  Late winter cool.

Such is the yo-yo of weather we Renoites enjoy twice annually…     driving to work with the heater cranked on at full blast…. and driving home with the AC cranked to full blast.  

We brought the sprinkler systems online yesterday to shake them out before spring hits in force.  We didn’t want to be down when our plants were thirsty.

The system is in pretty good health.   Only one busted sprinkler head in the whole network.    Others need some fine tuning, as its preferable to water the grass, not the concrete.   (Besides, I may want to wash my car and not have the sprinkler mess it up).

Here’s a pic that probably doesn’t reveal the sprinklers.    My dogs enjoyed playing in it though:


I really should go pick that bird bath up.   🙂

The trees are showing signs of life.  The one on the left there has pink buds.  Should be pretty.  I suspect these three little guys are all fruit trees of some form.  

I’m insanely curious to see exactly what flora I have to work with here.

The North Tree was the first to wake up:


Thanks Rune!   Ever since you pointed out that I indeed have a tree in the North, I can’t stop referring to it as the North Tree.   Like its the North Star or something.    Anyway, its the furthest along so far in getting out of hibernation mode.

As I tweeted yesterday.. the plants are waking up… and as they do so, they look at me, and they say  “Who the frak are you?”

Soon they’ll be blowing pollen in my face to chase the stranger away.

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