Burns Update


Well, my old house is not sitting vacant and deteriorating…   Hoorah!    Someone bought it and are doing some renovations… which has me experiencing some mixed emotions… but all in all I fall on the side of happy for the house.   

Just looking over some pictures someone took after we moved out…  as the floors in the kitchen and bathroom are not right, nor is the color of the bathroom walls…    

It’s our understanding it got some fresh paint and new floors before going on the market.    Lost some of its character in the bathroom, but oh well… that thing needed a serious remodel anyway.

Drove by the other day and the yard is all torn up…   Gabe says it looks like it did when he moved in.    Gone is all his landscaping.   I do hope its to replace it with something even better.   

It makes me happy that its getting some attention though.     For the right people, I’m sure it was a sweet deal.    Just hope its new owners, as I suspect they have a ‘flip-this-house,’ mentality don’t lose their shirts.    Its a tough house to sell to anyone intending to occupy it for the long term.    Very cute, until you get to the lack of closet space.   That, according to Gabe, has always been the sticking point where people walk away without making an offer.     (He went through four owners in his tenure.)   That hospital with its ‘always under reconstruction’ ways is also kind of a hit against the place.

But still, it’s faring better than I had thought it would, and that’s promising… not only for its future, but the community as a whole.   Indeed that neighborhood has a lot of remodeling going on.   I also noted that my former neighbors are done flipping the two houses they bought (the one next to my old one and the one behind it since its all the same actual parcel), as they are both up for sale now.     Still curious what they did about that mold issue…

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