How to get me to do something…


I gotta say… I have one smart boyfriend.    He was unable to talk his dog out of bed this morning to eat her breakfast.    Apparently she preferred to stay in bed with me instead.

He is to work before me, and I vaguely remember him asking me if I’d feed her when I get up…    of course I would…

But he knows me and how poor a memory I have in the mornings…    Anything not in my routine doesn’t get done as i’m on auto-pilot and anything that derails my routine often has me arriving at work without something key…  like my coffee or breakfast.   (Still waiting for the day I show up only to realize I left the computer I’m supposed to work on at home.)

Upon the countertop today was my can of coffee, and upon that was a plate with dog food.

That’s when it hit me that ‘oh yeah, he asked me to feed her.’   

Smart guy.   She’d likely have gone hungry otherwise… and then i would have felt bad when I finally did wake up (around 10… long after I was at work) and remember I was supposed to give her breakfast and failed to do so.

He’s clever like that.

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