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So I got a bit of a surprise this morning…  that beer-gut (which is funny ‘cause I don’t drink beer) is melting away.    If I 1) practice proper posture and 2) suck in my gut a bit… well its gone.    The surprise was I stretched after getting out of the shower, caught a glimpse of me in the mirror… and realized that was my teenage form I was looking at.   

So yay.. this diet modification business is working.


I don’t think its impact is yet evident but I did get the total gym out of storage and setup last Sunday.    I’ve been doing the starter exercises on there since I need to get my body warmed up to this type of thing.

So far so good though.   I’ve managed to do it four days in a row now, which is (i’m sad to say) a new record.    Couple of instances where I had to motivate myself  (no, you can’t play Zelda until you’ve finished your sets), but all in all seem to be eager to do it.


Xbox had the red-ring of death on me earlier in the week… which prompted me to extract the game-cube from the garage and hook it up.    Figured I might as well finish Twilight Princess.      Looks terrible on a HD television.     Also, for some reason, this installment still doesn’t pull me in like previous ones.    Really wish I had a copy of Link to the Past for the gamecube.    Might go play Ocarina instead though.


Just confirmed that my email / password combos do not appear to be in the leaked credentials that Lulzsec released.    Check this site to see if your account has been compromised:    http://dazzlepod.com/lulzsec/

Might be a good idea to change your passwords anyway if you use any of the following:

Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, Yahoo and World of Warcraft



If you’re a fan of Stargate, or SciFi in general, you might want to head out to Facebook and join the SaveSGU page.     It is, of course, a long-shot that SGU will get resurrected but the wider aim is to show networks that we geeks are not to be trifled with… that we support SciFi, that we want to see it thriving, and that we simply will not stand for the treatment they are giving our shows.     You have to hedge your bets a little differently when dealing with serialized television… so either stop making those kinds of shows (which we love, so that might evoke our wrath), limit the arcs to a single season, or just pony up and order all five seasons.    

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