Words and Phrases I think We Should Retire Before the Campaign Season Really Kicks Off…

Mostly because they’re just meaningless buzzwords that now hint at a deep and utter lack of original thought…   Its a new decade, time for new meaningless phrases to distract from relevant debate.

Liberals / Conservatives;  Left / Right – The world is a lot less black and white than these imply.   I have yet to meet a pure-liberal or pure-conservative…  everyone is liberal on some things, conservative on others.    Its called being American.    Left and Right are directions relative to where you’re standing.    Since the world is round, everyone on the right is also to the left of the left.

Activisit Judges – It’s their job to interpret law, not the people who actually wrote them, and certainly not the general population.   Don’t like the interpretation?   We have many avenues to change the laws… try writing them more clearly and straight-forward to begin with.   (Also, considering the general state of the American education system, you might just want to stick with single-syllable words.)    Don’t like that?  Well we have a few avenues to change the constitutional mandate they are carrying out as well.

Tea-bagging – Let’s keep it clean.   Oh wait, sex and politics go hand-in-hand in this country.

Flip-flop(ing) –  Unless we’re referring to the footwear, of course.   (I went flip-flopping to the mailbox this morning.)

Sheeple  – If you use it, you’ve spoken like a true sheeple.   Also, sheep are probably smarter than you.

The [Insert Qualifier Here] Agenda –  With 300+ million Americans, there are 300+ million agendas.  Not everyone is going to get theirs fulfilled.

Republicans / Democrats – They really are the root of all our problems.   Use these words and you’ve secured my vote for someone else.

Really, folks, we’ve spent almost 12 years now hurling insults at each other, thinking such division is going to fix America and put us into a new golden age.    Instead we’ve seen 12 years of issues getting worse, crisis getting deeper, and well…   ask yourself where you are going and why you’re in this hand basket.

That is all.   For now.

(Got any others you’d like added to the list?   Add em via the comments.)

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  1. democracy is about the principles of the constitution.why be new world if you still live in the stone age.the principles of science are staight forward and that’s what started democracy in athens all that time ago(cosmically speaking no time has gone by by the age of the univesrse).i want no war no battlecry no no not i.

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