Dream Log: Stolen Puppies and Big Rigs


Two dreams I recall:


One dealt with me driving a big rig on unfamiliar, and overly complex, freeways.   Had three other passengers.  One looked like Jenna from work, but wasn’t Jenna in the dream.    Kept missing exits and ended up on a ramp to a different freeway.    It had all these massive screens around it broadcasting some football game.    I was feeling overwhelmed by it all and didn’t think it was safe for me to drive.    At least they had it worked out so i could park on the side of the road, let the Jenna character take over.   Just had to wait for the supervisor to come official-ize the change.   He showed up, noted my miles and that the other person was taking over, and we were on our way.


Another dream, I think before the above, had all my dogs lost, although we were thinking they were actually stolen as we couldn’t figure out how they got loose.

Several days went by.   Gabe seemed to be dealing with it better than me.   I was particularly upset over Leia.    Kept screaming her name out into the neighborhood, calling for her.    Remember I attempted some form of conjuration spell to bring them all home to us.    Don’t think I actually finished that though.    I was kind of crying on the couch when I looked out the window and saw Leia across the street.   Opened the door and called over to her and the other two dogs came running up to me.   Pushed them inside as I kept calling to Leia (who eventually came running over and into my arms).

Woke up snuggling with her.    

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