You following me?

Yeah you…   my faithful reader.   🙂

You can find me on twitter.   My twitter stream features random musings, the occasional original thought, and retweets of things that amused me, enlightened me, or just made me wonder.  

Also, I’m now on Google + which means I can get back to social networking outside of Twitter.   (I’d be on my MySpace more but no one is there these days… maybe when sexy is brought back.)

They haven’t gotten around to friendly URLs yet, but you can find my Google + profile here:     (Soon, you can just type in and it will take you to the same place….probably do that with Twitter and MySpace and such as well.)    You Facebookers with gmail should join us.

And of course… Xbox Live.   My gamertag is Stryse.

Unfaithful readers are welcome to follow me as well.   🙂

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