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Eureka got the ax, and will be wrapping up with the current season.   Unfortunate.   I just sat down last night to start watching this season.   However in a sign I’m taking as success, they did green-light an extra episode so that this series, at least, will have the opportunity to actually wrap things up.    I’d like to think its the backlash over SGU, which was a final straw for many of us, is what prompted them to go ahead with this extra episode instead of their usual MO of cancelling a show after the production studio is wrapping up the season without sufficient time to retool final episodes to make them finales.

Hopefully I’ll be getting my car repaired and legal for the road again next week without much fuss or excessive repair bills.    Apparently its leaking coolant now though as well, and I fear that could get expensive as there was no obvious signs of where said leak is originating.    But we’ll see.  Being down to a single vehicle is not fun.     Unfortunately is just bolsters Gabe’s position that we should replace it with his (which I just don’t like) and he’ll get a truck.      I’m not necessarily opposed to a new car, but I’m certainly not replacing my vehicle for his.    Not that his car is a bad car or anything… I just don’t like it.     I’ve driven it around enough to know that I’d never be happy with it.   

The thing I want to avoid, because I feel like I’ve wasted to much of my life on it already, is waiting.    I don’t want to be waiting for the day I can get a new (or at least new-to-me) vehicle so I can be driving around in a car I’m happy with and like.    Especially since I already have such a vehicle.    Sure it needs some work, but its ten years old.    As far as his concerns that the handling is off, I don’t know what he’s talking about.   Granted, having been with it since it was 13 miles old (that’s over 100k miles ago), any decline in stability has been gradual and largely unnoticed to me as a result.   However I’ve been driving his around for the past week with this in mind and honestly can’t tell a difference.     At ten years and going, though, new suspension and shocks wouldn’t be a bad idea though.

These things of course can get pricey.   However I don’t feel they need to be done all at once, and could instead be spread out over time, allowing me to save up for it.    Its a good car that has served me really well and I have no desire to replace it.    If I hit megabucks, I think one of the first things I’d do is take it in for a complete overhaul and have them rebuild it like it was new.   That and update its interior systems.    An in-dash navigation system, for example, would be swell.    But that’s not likely.   I very rarely feed the casino machines.

No, I think I’ll be keeping my car for a good while yet.    I don’t share in Gabe’s assessment that my vehicle is, particularly, unsafe.   Might not have the highest ratings, but it doesn’t have the lowest ones either.    Far more dangerous things in my day-to-day life than my car.    Plus I drive like an old lady anyway.    Its been so long since I’ve been involved in an accident or even had a traffic violation that I can’t actually tell you how many years its been.    I don’t speed, generally pick a lane and stay in it (even if it means getting stuck behind slower moving vehicles).    I’m just a patient and relaxed driver that knows I’ll get where I’m going eventually, so no reason to burn fuel to shave a few seconds off my trip.   I probably still take my corners a bit too tight though.    As far as my car’s handling goes… it’s always been a little sensitive.    After ten years of driving it, I know it very well and can pilot it fine.    I think Gabe is just used to his vehicles and so mine feels different.      I’ve seen people walk away unscathed after rolling their SC2 down a cliff, so I’m not feeling particularly threatened in it.    I suppose if someone T-Bones the driver side, I’m screwed, but I long ago got in the habit of looking both ways before crossing an intersection.    

Unfortunately I don’t know where that leaves Gabe.   I’m not taking his car.   So he can either pay it off (as it should be pretty close to paid off) and then go find a used truck somewhere so he can continue having car payments… or trade his in towards his truck.     I find myself in agreement that we have a genuine  need for a truck, but I’m of the mind that we could just get is car paid off first and ultimately have all three.   My car for getting me to and from wherever I go.   His sedan for when we take road trips and/or we have more than two people (there is a reason i opted for a coup and not a sedan… I didn’t want people riding in my back seat but did want a place to strap the dogs in).    The truck for his work and hauling the crap around that doesn’t fit in my trunk… like that replacement washing machine we need to go find.

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    1. it might in some situations. 🙂 Gabe, however, needs one for work–or rather to pursue his dream of starting his own alarm company, so future-work kind of thing. Plus I think he just wants one out of preference over cars.

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