As the month winds down…


I think I read Google+ has seen a 30% growth since going public?    Welcome newbies!


Progress continues to be slow on the reconfiguration of this house I live in, to its more ‘horrific’ form.   Seems like I could use some ancient spirits… to transform this charming dwelling… It’s my first Halloween here.   Might just be my last, one never knows.  

Check this out though.  It’s Gabe’s top-secret project.   He doesn’t want anyone to see it until its finished, because ‘people just don’t understand if they see it before its finished.’


I think he agonizes too much, but its artist’s prerogative.  So you’ll just have to wait, and/or guess.  We had a little dinner thing last night, so he covered it up.   Avoid dropping in unannounced.

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to trouble-shoot a line of icicle lights.  Even tried to find a replacement.   No luck.   There’s a new (to me) halloween store literally a block from my house  (Awesome!).   Stopped in on my way home from work.   I might check back for some costume accessories as their selection seemed rather vast.   Its nice to have competition for Spirit anyway.   But their lighting/décor selection left much to be desired.   (Not Awesome.)

There’s a place online that has what appears to be the same make and model of my sets, so I could order it there, but the shipping is as much as the product, which I hate.   



Someone was telling me today how they recently started a Voyager re-watch and were musing how much nicer it would be to live there…    that’s the one aspect of the star trek life that technology doesn’t seem to be making a reality with any degree of urgency…   a society without the need for money.

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