Be Afraid…


Its officially time to be beside myself in giddiness.   The Dark Holiday Celebration is here!

Tonight is my annual Halloween party, and I’m really looking forward to it.   Tomorrow will be clean-up and I think some fang-crafting.  My new buddy is going to make me some custom fangs.

Sunday I will probably carve pumpkins.   Itching to try out some tools I picked up a couple of years ago and haven’t played with… including my Halloween Dremel.    I have a powered saw too.    Neither of which have felt the sensation of sinking into the flesh of a pumpkin.

Hopefully I’ll have some pics to share over the weekend too.  My photographer is slacking… ‘cause well, she’s a busy gal and its Halloween…  which makes us all busy.

So Dark Tidings to you all… remember your ancestors, as they remember you (and if your dearly departed are going to pop in for a visit…  this is the most likely time).    Put some food out on your porch for the spirits…   don a mask to confound troublesome goblins (or, you know, just scare some kids)…   and be afraid… be very afraid   (but in a good way.)

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