Post Holiday Wrap


I figured it was high time to update this here blog with some words.     Not that the sonogram my sister texted me wasn’t a worthy-updated or anything, but I didn’t really say much.

So today I’m going to talk about what I got for Christmas:


A bean bag chair that I actually fit in (so a big one)

A new camera!


The latter I’m especially happy about because I can get descent pics in low-light without a flash…  which means that when I try and photograph all my halloween stuff next year, it has a good chance of turning out.

To test this, I drafted none other than MumRa, Everliving Source of Halloween  (and resident Mummy in this house):

Pic of Mum-Ra using Gabe’s digital camera (which it turns out has no better resolution than the one on my phone…but it has a flash, so there’s that going for it):


MumRa in 3.2 MP Glory – This was actually one of the better pics I got from this past Halloween, but alas you can’t really tell he’s shrouded in some of the best cob-webbing I’ve pulled off.

Here he is, donning his gay apparel for Christmas, with the new 14 MP camera:


Somehow, I doubt the cob-webbing would have shown up spectacularly in this photo, though, had it been there.

I’ve been taking other random shots of things in the dark and all in all its turning out pretty good.   Not professional-quality, but I won’t need to photo-shop everything to actually see it either.

And finally… a pic of me in that bean-bag chair, happily enjoying some Christmas morning gaming:


Gabe says it’s a good picture of me, but I don’t agree.


Anyway, hope all my readers had a great holiday season and that the new year is already a prosperous one for you.

Merry January!

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