twas a scary night


I’ve been up for the most part since about this time yesterday.   Spent the night holding a vigil that someone remained breathing and responsive.   Mild overdose of valium (non-intentional—just had a bit much for his system at the dentist yesterday). 

I’m angry they let him drive away from their facility in his condition.    He was not in his right mind when he walked through the door.    I guess they wanted to call his emergency contact (me), but he kept refusing.     Refused me taking him to the ER too.

Freaked me out.     Just glad he’s okay.      Despite everything, I’m still crazy about the guy.

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  1. On a related note.. in his daze and confusion… he made a revelation that has me now re-evaluating where I stand on everything with him. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember any of it… I hope he’s open to some discussion tonight.

    I also hope that he can appreciate that despite the hurt and chaos between us right now, I held his hand all night while his body worked the crap out of its system, monitoring his vitals as best one can without any equipment.

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