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Reading the news online is sometimes an exercise in dismay at the level of idiocracy that masquerades as ‘thoughtful commentary’ these days.    It’s the biggest argument I have for returning to actual books.  You can read something without pages of ridiculous comments following it.

There are, however, a few people out there that occasionally make a comment that is actually rather astute.   This is one such comment.


I don’t know who made it.    I don’t know what article it came from… but it really struck a chord with me and so I’m going to share it with you.

Re-typed to correct some grammar (because I otherwise couldn’t have put it any better):


First, I’m not a liberal or a conservative; but you religious right-wingers are the worst.   You don’t want the government to tell you what to do, but you want the church to tell others what to do.   You’re pro-life, but pro death-penalty.  You don’t want contraceptives, but no abortions either.   You want unfit parents to have children they can not afford, yet want to cut social funds that would help these people.  Then you want to punish the people who knew they couldn’t raise a baby for not raising their baby.   You are a confused and scary group.


I wish I knew where to give credit to on this.   I think its an important message that a sizeable portion of the population would get behind.


Awhile back, I saw another comment on some article that declared we so-called moderates lack the intellectual horse-power to actually grasp any of the social issues of our time.   Strange, then, how the stronger your critical thinking skills are, the more you gravitate toward the middle.   Generally speaking I see both points the left and right make on any issue.   Neither side is without its merits, or its fallacies.  Often they are simply extremes of one another, billed as the only two possible choices that could be made.   As Worf would tell you, there are almost always other options.   If a Klingon can figure that out, what’s your excuse?  Hubris will only delay solving the complex social issues undermining the very fabric of our society.    Try some humility instead.   (It tastes like chicken.)  


I fully uphold the inherent right of each and every individual to shape their destiny in accordance with the tenants of their beliefs (religious and secular).   I also fully uphold the inherent right of each and every individual to reconcile their religions beliefs with their secular beliefs how they see fit.      So if you don’t believe in contraceptives, don’t use them.    Do not think yourself so hallowed, however, that you can make that decision for anyone but yourself.    You can not maintain a society of equals whilst simultaneously upholding that your belief is any more or less valid than the next persons.     I reject such disparity between people, and much blood has been spilt in support of that ideal.

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