One day at a time…

These are rather dark times for the House of Burks.    On the other hand, every day I wake up and find Sunny lounging about is a gift.   I remind myself that many cats his age spend much of their time asleep, even in good health.

Since we had such a beautiful day yesterday we took him out in the backyard for a bit to enjoy the sun and fresh air.    He hung out on his favorite tree stump for awhile, ate some grass, and even sharpened his claws on said-tree-stump before settling down on the grass for a brief nap in the sun.    I wish today wasn’t snowy and overcast, so he could spend a little more time out there.   We’ll have good weather again for him though.

I wish it were under better circumstances, but going through the same thing as we are, has allowed G and I to make a little progress on sorting things out between us as well.    I feel that wall between us starting to come down via our shared grief.    I feel so terrible for him.   His buddy, Sunny, has been a bit of a rock for him over the years and now he’s slowly slipping away.

Got some info on mobile vetrinary services, and should it come to it… Sunny will transition peacefully to the summerlands here at home.   From there, he will be taken to an undisclosed location to be laid to rest alongside his sister, Cher.

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