2017: Retrospectacle

This year ends in a very different place than I expected it would.

I’m sitting here in the home office of my new house, of which I am the actual owner; my boyfriend snoozing his daily wake-up alarm in the bedroom–he lives with me now!

He was down here last New Year to start it at my side. I don’t think either of us expected we’d spend this one together in a home that was ours.

I had expected I’d buy the Clemson one. It’s what I spent the past couple years getting my credit in order to do. But it just didn’t align properly. The owner only wanted to do seller-financing at about twice the interest rate I could get on the market and for more than the house was worth.

Within 8 hours of learning her decision to not take my offer with conventional financing I was in contract on this new place.

While I still feel it’s a step backwards on what I want in housing the place definitely has it’s charms. Inside it has new flooring and the bathroom, while small, feels upscale. If nothing else I am happy to have a toilet that doesn’t back up every other flush and a shower you can get hot water out of without sorcery. So there’s that.

Really my only gripe is that it’s so much smaller. One less bedroom, one less bathroom, one less car that could fit into the garage. No shed to store my holiday decor in. The yard, also, lacks any mature landscaping. It’s not the park-like atmosphere out there I was hoping Dax could spend his last days lounging about in. On the other hand it’s a pretty blank slate for me to create something. Just kind of wish I hadn’t put all that money into the old yard last spring. Hopefully the new occupants are enjoying it.

But as of yesterday that cinder-block wall between my house and the neighbor, the one that was collapsing when I bought the place, has at last been removed and a brand new fence stands in it’s place, filling my yard with the scent of cedar.

This means I can take on new clients again, because I can actually show them the yard without concern. Next year, this time, I should have some plants out there too. Though with all the money I’ve spent on replacing windows and fencing I suspect i’ll be having to manually water it until sometime in 2019 when I can afford to put a sprinkler system in the ground.

Unless, of course, I move toward my dream of having a hot tub instead. I’ll just sit in it while I water the yard by hand. Haha.

The thing I am most happy about 2017 was Brent moving down. It’s been awesome having my one true love at my side these past four months. In the grand scheme of things it is better this new house happened as when he moved, he moved into our place–not my place. All the memories here are of us together. It’s better this way. Having our life together now makes me so happy it’s gross.

We just spent Christmas with his folks so I’m officially introduced to all the family now. We’re gonna do a wine-tasting thing with them in March up in Idaho, I believe.

Also this year I got to officiate my first wedding; conducting the ceremony for one of my oldest and bestest friends as he tied the knot with his new bride.

My dog sitting business continues to grow, despite not having been able to take on any new clients since July.

I don’t have any real complaints, of a personal nature, going into 2018 so there’s that. It’ll be an interesting year for society though.

We’ll probably get another dog soon; 2017 was the first year in nearly a decade where I had less than three living with me. But I have hardly a day where I’m not sitting for at least one, so there’s never a shortage of quadrupeds. But I promised him we’d get him a dog when he moved in and it’s been four months already. Time to make good on that.

So yeah… Brent and new house pretty much summarizes my 2017.




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