Going Droid…


Well, my plan was to hold out until Sprint had a Windows 7 phone to upgrade me too.    Looks like that plan will be postponed for a bit.     Sprint offered me a FREE android (2.2).    I took them up on it.    I mean, its FREE.    That and Rory showed me his new tricorder app and I now have nerd-envy.

So… while the Outlook to Android syncing is less-than-desirable, its a need that app developers have filled.   It should be only minorly (as in the opposite of majorly… and apparently not really a word) painful to switch platforms.

Hopefully I will become droid-savvy enough overnight to help Gabe with his all-but-paperweight-droid.

Since its free, I’m not getting a particularly high-end Droid.   I do, however, believe its specs will be comparable to my current Win Mobile 6 phone’s specs.   I love my current phone, but its quickly becoming dated in its inability to do all the cool things your smart phones do.    Just remember, I was smart-phoning it long before it was cool.      (And for that matter… the whole tablet concept isn’t particularly new either…    We’ve had tablet PCs for over five years now… fully featured PCs I might add…. yeah…  we’ve been ahead of our time for awhile… I would NEVER buy a laptop that wasn’t a dual-form factor so I could also use it as a tablet. 

Nice of you all to finally get onboard the form-factor revolution.     And nice of me to get onboard the Droid revolution.

I still want a Windows 7 Phone… but pretty much only because of its Xbox Live integration.   I mean if I’m going to game on my phone, I should totally be earning gamerscore.      But… now I can get with the times while I wait for Sprint to have an actual array of Windows 7 devices.    By the time we do, i should be eligible for another upgrade… and hopefully will find a model that also comes out to free.

Of course by free, I mean I had to renew my contract with them.    Twas the plan anyway.    You know how we Cylons are with plans.    🙂