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Several unrelated blog entries, all in one.

In other news…

Last night was the first of what will be several nights all alone.   Gabe is safely in Oregon, where he is installing a new fire alarm & intrusion detection for his sister.    Then he’s off to his mom’s to do some work on her place.     I have at least two more weeks of living alone to go.    I foresee much Xboxing in my immediate future. 



My Seeds of Discontent are Sprouting!

I feel somewhat vindicated as I hear more and more ‘news’ like the following article out there in Americana:


At least some people are coming out of their hibernation.   

Since I am a devote non-partisan (more accurately a devote anti-partisan), it would appear that the senate race is mine to decide.    Mwa ha ha ha ha.     

What I find appalling is that the people polled seem to be of the mind they don’t have another choice already, that they must choose between two candidates they don’t really want.    (As though the ‘anyone but [insert today’s devil here]’ campaigns have proven wildly successful over the past decade.)  

Let me clear something up for you Nevadans of the mind you only have two choices for US Senate.    We have several other alternatives for you to choose from… and you still have a couple of months to vet them out  (where available I have their names linked to their campaign sites to get you started on that process):

In addition to one Sharon Angle, running against Harry Reid this year are the following (in no particular order than what they were listed in when i copy/pasted the list):

Tim Fasano (IAP)
Businessman & Navy Veteran

Scott Ashjian (Tea Party)  (I thought they were trying to avoid being an actual party)

Michael Haines (Independent)

Jesse Holland (Independent)
Metallurgical Worker

Jeffrey Reeves (Independent)
Teacher & ’08 US Rep. Candidate

Wil Stand (Independent)

I doubt you’ll find any of them are battier than Angle and Reid.    So while we may still be relegated to nut-jobs, at least we have a number of nut-jobs to choose from.

Hilarious Picture Time:

wp95422704 (I knew the Pope looked familiar.. this is actually from one  of those nutty ‘alternative-choices’ we Nevadans have.   But is he so nutty?)

While the rest of you are ‘stuck’ without ‘real’ choices, I get to enjoy having six candidates to choose from.  (Still undecided amongst the six, but at least I have choices… if any of you six are reading, stopping by my house to meet with me will all but seal the deal for you.)  Smaller, more local elections, you often do end up having two (non) choices, but in a race as big as the US Senate, you can count on having alternatives to the two-party system destroying the very foundation of the country.

Silly Nevadans.   You don’t have to vote for Angle just because you believe (as many of us do) that Harry Reid needs to exit the Senate.    The argument that not voting for the two party system is wasting a vote is silly, more than a little simple-minded, and ultimately comes down to being a self-fulfilling prophecy.     

Here are my campaign slogan for whatever race I one day might end up in:    


Except I have my eyes on a judicial posting.   I’ll spend most of my time on the bench dismissing cases for being silly and a waste of tax-payer time and dollars.


Happy Friday!

“Shark attacks on humans are very rare. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be attacked by Charlie Sheen than a shark.”

-Jimmy Kimmel on Live!



The count-down is on.   We have one month to go and its all-new Stargate.    When that’s done… its all-new Caprica!      Sadly Eureka doesn’t seem to be showing signs of fixing its time-line, so I guess I should get used to Fargo being the head of GD.   I think it would be good if next time Carter is in charge of GD.   Or Sarah.   But I digress.   SGU is returning and some big reveals are coming our way.   What is the Destiny’s mission?  What is that awesome new set?    What will get Rush and Young on the same page?    Oh, and now Telford is actually onboard!  

What has been interesting to me about SGU is the speed in which the pay-offs keep coming from the teases.    {SPOILER ALERT}

For example, when Young left Rush on that desert planet, I figured it would be toward the end of the season before we found Rush back onboard the Destiny.   Instead, it was pretty immediately worked out.   Not that I mind.  It pleases me to be surprised as Stargate had become a bit too predictable, and SGU has consistently surprised me in the pace of developments.   It helps too that with each pay-off comes another ‘now what’ moment.    Serialized television.   Its interesting.    🙂



Since the idea crept into my head, it hasn’t left… so I think I’m going to go for it.   The first annual Radcliffe Bacon Party!     I’m picking 9/29 for the event, for no other reason that its my brother’s birthday.  I have no idea what his culinary leanings are like, so I hope he likes Bacon, because its what’s on the menu as I observe his holiday.

Bacon Party:    Bring a dish that involves bacon in some way.   Preferably a creative, really?!-you’d-put-bacon-on-that? kind of dish.    Then we’ll spend the evening in fellowship whilst sampling some bacon delicacies.

You have a month for that too, so start trying recipes.  

Dog Wars

So it turns out… the actual canines in my pack… and their hierarchy…

With Dax and Leia… I’m doing the right thing, but for the wrong reason.

With Leia and Cha Cha…  I’m doing the wrong thing, for the right reason.


Ah… the subjectiveness of right and wrong.   

The Cha Cha Cha


Got some bad news yesterday.  The Chihuahua is not doing very well.    As some back-story…   we began noticing she seemed congested.   You could hear it when she breathed.

So to the vet she went.  Turns out that she had a previously undetected heart-murmur and related to that, is basically experiencing congestive heart failure.  (Coincidentally, that’s the flagship program my company has for preventative care)

So she’s been on heart medication ever since.    Definite improvement for her.  Apparently, anyway.    Well she went with Gabe to Oregon to visit his mom last month, and we’ve noticed she seems to be having a lot of congestion again since her return.

Between that and other things, like an abscess on her behind that has been recurring, she went back to the vet yesterday.

She has a new heart murmur.   So she’s getting even more medication.   (Feeding time has become quite the chore…as we have to trick her into taking any medicine.)

Now I’m thinking the first heart murmur wasn’t missed earlier in her life… it simply developed later on.   Not a birth defect, but a condition that came upon her later.   One that doesn’t seem to be improving, but rather worsening.

Add to that, she’s have major allergies like her papa stryse.

The vet doesn’t put much faith in her chances.   Told us we were looking at about two years until her heart gives out.    She’s a stubborn and willful little dog though and I know she’ll fight it… and I, of course, will be doing everything in my power to ensure she has a normal life-span.