Sometimes Facebook Redeems Itself…

Well not really, but I likely wouldn’t have seen this otherwise, so thanks where thanks is due I guess.

Watch this.   I mean it.


Its things like this that allow me to maintain a positive outlook with the world (in case you were wondering).

(note, this is at least a couple of years old.   I believe it occurred in Santiago, Chile.)


As one commenter astutely put it:

Funny how animals that cant talk and cant do as much as us help each other out when they see a friend in need, and we stupid ass human beings see somebody in need and we just walk on by like we saw nothing..

If a dog can ‘do what is right,’ than so can you.   Live Jedi.

Here in Bizzaro world….


I moved out in the year 2000.   I did put a forwarding address on file at the time.   

Advance to 2011.

I’ve just moved about a block from the old house.

Guess what’s in my mailbox today?

Mail addressed to me, at the old house.   But its in my current house’s mailbox.  No forwarding sticker or anything… just a hand-written note reading ‘call to change address’    Call whom I wonder?

The spirits of Radcliffe must be active.

Or… my mailman is far more attentive than I give anyone credit for being.


Its also correspondence I fully recognize.   I received it before… back around the time I moved.  I recall having it in Sparks, and can’t fully recall if I received the first one at Radcliffe, then moved and got the second one via forwarding… or if they both came to me on San Remo….  

In anycase… the address it is addressed to hasn’t been mine in about a decade.   Its not exactly the kind of junk-mail, mailing-list type of stuff I’d expect to get from just happening to be on a mailing list either.


As a Founder, (not to mention a Jedi) I automatically have a less-than-orthodox view on things like coincidence…  

Happy Monday!


As happy as a Monday can be, anyway.   Statistically, its the most likely day of the week to have a heart-attack.

How’s that for grim tidings?


So today is the first day I don’t have to come home and start packing stuff up to move over to the new house.    That’s because I’m all moved out.   Old house is cleaned up and devoid of any trappings of occupancy.    Its sad.    Its also losing its power and water, so it’ll be sitting there freezing in the cold.    At least I can drive by it now and again and wave at it.

Instead of running home to pack something up… I’ll be running to storage to load up my car and start the exodus of belongings from there.     Gabe really wants a Christmas tree, so first order of business is to retrieve the ornaments.    Best thing is… its all staying onsite when the holiday is come and gone.   He doesn’t know it yet, but when he’s off of work his job is to go fetch a tree.    Or assemble a fake one.  His choice.    We have five fake trees between us.   Not counting the Halloween one.     My plan was to donate them all to charity.    I’m not all that particular myself, but a real one is always nice… and he pretty much would rather have real over fake… so it didn’t seem worthwhile to keep storing them…

But now we have a huge house and I probably need my fake ones so I can live my dream of having a tree in every room.     :)     It was all started when my late (step) grandpa Lee donated us a Christmas tree.    I don’t remember if we just didn’t like it, or already had a bigger one… but that year we had a tree in the living room and a tree in the dining room.     Always fascinated by Yule-trees, I was pretty awestruck at having such a luxurious lifestyle I could have two trees in my house.    I certainly thought we were the cool kids for it.


Got another package from the parental units of Oklahoma.    You guys rock.    But I’m waiting until Saturday to open them.


Tonight(ish) is the Full Moon, as well as a full Lunar Eclipse…   coinciding with the Winter Solstice.    Officially I think it all kicks off midnight Eastern.    Time zones are tricky, but its a neat arrangement of celestial events.    Accounts vary, but its been some centuries since we had a lunar eclipse on the shortest day of the year.   (Well, for my Northern Hemisphere fans anyway… those of you south of the equator are, of course, in summer!   No snow for you.)

The winter solstice marks a time of rebirth and renewal, and the eclipse only exacerbates that.    So tonight/tomorrow is a grand time to start bringing about your own rebirth and/or renewal in whatever areas of your life need refreshing.   

It’s auspicious for me, given that Gabe and I have spent the last year operating without any real sense of direction… knowing much in our future was in limbo.   Recently we’ve had some changes and find ourselves entering this time with a definitive course.   New house, new job (for Gabe)…   one chapter of our lives has closed and a new one begun.   Renewal and rebirth.     That and eclipses are my portent anyway.   Lunar or solar, I’m not picky.    Time for the Rite of House Warming.

Speaking of warming your home… those eco-friendly duraflame-like logs for the fireplace?    Forget them.  They’re crap.    That or the instructions weren’t followed.   But its not like a duraflame-like log is a mystery or anything…  so I’m going with crappy.      A very disappointing fireplace experience we had with it.   

Hard Truths and Payback…


Hard Truth for today:     The lifetime you have spent cultivating a reputation for being an upstanding, decent human being is meaningless to someone who just met you.   (Be an upstanding, descent human being anyway.)


Keep seeing anti-bama stuff on cars these days.   Keep reading anti-bama stuff online.   Not that I don’t understand these people, but I do get a real good chuckle now that the die-hard Bush supporters know how the other side felt for the last eight years.    Payback?    More funny… these people insisting Obama is a one-term president.  I remember the insistence that Bush was going to be a one-term president too, right about this far into his presidency.    Payback?     One sometimes wonders at the grand design.   Maybe this can reunite the people.   Afterall, now we can all say we’ve endured a president we can’t stand.   (I’m sure there is one, somewhere in your lifetime, you wish hadn’t been elected.)   Wish I could be the post-homo-sapien archaeologist that ‘discovers’ the internet in say, some 1000 years from now and looks back upon our society.     Assuming anything of our digitalization survives, we’ve made their jobs a lot easier than the ancients made ours.

When Good Jedi go… Human?


Not that they weren’t human to begin with…   but I guess I have come to expect more from those who have taken the mantle of Jedi to heart.

Its hard to talk about the real-life Jedi these days without mention of the Church of Jediism in the UK.    This Church has been making some waves of late, that have gotten media attention on an international scale.

Over hoodies, I might add.   Its a bit of a contentious issue amongst Jedi.   Some debate is going on in various corners… some good debate, others not so much.     According to the Church of Jediism’s own doctrine, members of the church are encouraged to wear a hooded sweatshirt, if not actual Jedi robes, preferably with the Church’s logo on it, at all times while in public.   It has come to light that this is more a suggestion… as they don’t enforce it…  which translates as:  It’s still Doctrine on their part, and not Dogma.    Basically they want their members too do it, but they won’t punish you if you don’t.  (If only more Church’s stuck to Doctrine and avoided Dogma.. we’d all be better off.)

Although I’ve not received any answers that I found satisfactory on just why members of their church should do such a thing.. other than for self-promotion reasons…   in the end what do I care?   I’m not one to really get up in arms over what people decide to wear, and when they decide to wear it.   Even if I do view spandex as a privilege and not a right.   I’m even less inclined to weigh in if you tell me whatever you are doing is for a religious reason.   I’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt and be on my way.    Whatever floats their boats is generally fine by me (just don’t sink my boat).

I knew sooner or later, though, this hood thing would find itself challenged.   One could say I’ve been eagerly awaiting it.  I foresaw the implications of that piece of doctrine very early on.     Sooner or later, someone would be called out for wearing the hoodie.    Sure enough it happened, with a second incident following on its heels.   (Force premonition perhaps?  Or just history repeating itself?)

In the first incident, the CEO of the aforementioned Jedi Church went into a Tesco, with hood up.   Apparently Tesco has some rules about their customers concealing their faces or something.    All in all, I can understand their reasoning.   They’ve not doubt had some past experience that keeps them wanting to see everyone’s faces… I suspect more for the benefit of their security cameras than anything else.

Ordinarily I’d expect a Jedi to say, Okay, and take the hood off.    On the other hand, though, we have some Jedi who are religious in their path, and believe very strongly that they should be allowed to wear their hoods.   They even provide justification for their beliefs.   I may not understand them, and why they are so insistent, but my own values dictate that its their right and that it falls under the same category of religious expression that is practiced by Muslims, Jews, a host of indigenous religions across the planet, and even Mormonism in some regards.     I’d have a hard time believing Tesco would tell their Islmamic customers to remove their headdress.    But that’s a long-established religion with centuries of tradition to support the custom.    No religion under the broad umbrella of Jediism can really claim that.    Most are a decade old or younger.    Those that predate that aren’t generally of the mind that they are religions (although I have my own ideas on that…)

I knew it would happen eventually, and it did.   The Church of Jediism decided their religious rights had been infringed upon.    I actually agree with them on that stand.  

The Jedi Order of the Sacred Flame’s official response on it is that the right of all Jedi to express their religious affiliation is affirmed by the order.    The order also affirms that the belief outlined in the Church of Jediism’s doctrine on wearing a hood is a valid one (valid as any other belief anyway), and that in places where religious expression is freely permitted, that accommodation should be made for new religions, as well as those that have been established for centuries.

I was then preparing to witness Jedi in action… fighting for an injustice in the way only a Jedi could.    Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed.    Maybe its because this is a Church whose leader identifies himself in terms of being a CEO when I know of no other church whose executive actually goes by that title.    Maybe its because the CoJ seems to be run more like a business than a religious institution.    Whatever the reasons, the CoJ’s response did not live up to my expectations of how Jedi should handle this.    In my opinion, the CoJ destroyed all the credibility they had in their case with their chosen response.   It wasn’t the calm, rational, approach that I would expect Jedi to exhaust before taking more aggressive action.    Aren’t we known for our diplomacy?   Is not diplomacy about finding common ground and also acknowledging fundamental differences?    Right or wrong, they’ve been portrayed by the media in a poor light and its cast a dark shadow over the rest of the Jedi in this world who would like to be taken seriously.    What I see in their response is more inline with a Sith’s philosophy than it is with a Jedi’s.  

So I understand those Jedi speaking out against the CoJ.    Unfortunately, I’m not particularly impressed with their demonstrated level of Jediness in the process.    I know they mean well… wanting to show the world that not all Jedi behave like the CoJ Jedi have been portrayed to behave (and can we honestly believe that all members of the CoJ act and behave the way the handful of individuals we’ve actually seen in the media do?).   But when you’re going out into very public forums like Wikipedia and start labeling the people of this church… your fellow Jedi (whether or not you agree with their philosophies or position in this particular manner)… and calling them idiots and other, even more derogatory, terms…  (and i’m not completely innocent on this either I realized)… that you’re destroying your own credibility as well.    It saddens me because I’ve seen it done by people whom I KNOW are better Jedi than that.   It saddens me because I’ve gotten myself into that camp too.   I know I labeled them a bunch of teenagers at one point.  

Better that Jedi remain silent if they can’t find constructive means of critiquing the decisions of their brethren.    These decisions may affect the whole, but the standards a Jedi are held too are so high as to make me consider name calling and disrespect of another’s religious beliefs, however justified we might feel about it, something that should be kept to ourselves.   

It concerns me that Jedi are not only attacking the CoJ’s response to their perceived injustice, but also attacking the CoJ for holding to its own doctrine…    attacking them for having such doctrine in the first place…    and making light of the fundamental issues at play simply because a few Jedi caused some bad publicity.     Granted, in the minds of the world-at-large… very little distinction, if any, is made between the various sects that fall into the category of our real-world Jedi.     Its true that not all Jedi pursue their path as a religion, but some do, and they have rights.

To label them idiots, to declare their doctrine nonsense… simply because you either don’t agree with it, or worse, can’t be bothered to understand it from their point of view… is not the Path of the Jedi that I have walked (and stumbled quite a few times in the process) these many years.    I call on all Jedi to be better than this, and to live up to the mantle they have taken as their own.   Treat the Church of Jediism with the same respect and courtesy you would any other group of Jedi.. even if you don’t agree with them… especially when you don’t agree with them.   Treat its members even better, for they are individuals with their own minds and you are unlikely to have polled each and every one of them to form your opinion.   This is how Jedi behave.   Not name calling.   Not insults against their religion.  The dark side, if there is such a thing,  would like nothing more than to see the Jedi of the Earth fighting amongst themselves.   Our movement is defeated the moment we do, and our rights as Jedi forfeit the moment we oppose the rights of our brothers and sisters in the Force.

Clearly some of my Jedi brothers and sisters have more training to do.   Really though, we all do, for a Jedi’s training is never complete…   They are rightly annoyed by the events that have taken place, but I fear they are working against themselves in how they’re dealing with their own emotion.    

These incidents are the work of the Force.   Of this I am certain.   Jedi across this globe are being called to undergo the Jedi Trials over this.    There are four such trials and foolish is the Jedi who thinks they undergo them only once on their path.    The Force tests us time and time again.  For many Jedi, these incidents are bringing about more than one of the four trials to face simultaneously.  In the end, who will pass them, and who will fail?  

Jedi are symbols, first and foremost, and we must live up to that symbolism if we are to truly be Jedi.  

Difficult to see, the future is. Always moving.

Immigration. Arizona has returned this issue to the forefront of consciousness for the American people.

There is a lot in my mind about the topic. Difficult to express, it is. Shifting and twisting. There is much I could say on it. I shall only say this, however:

When the day comes that you look out into the world and do not see an American People, a Mexican People, Candadians, Europeans, Iraqi, Eastern, Western, or any of the other multiltudes of illusionary-distinctions that the imagination of you and your predecessors have spawned….

When the day comes that you look out into the world and realize, for the first time, that there are not American People or Mexican People or any other kind of People… there is only one People… THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH….

When that day comes, your views on matters such as immigration will undergo radical shifts.

Imbolic whispers

Imbolic. It has recently passed. I got a bit of an explanation of what one should be doing for the holiday that my subconcious decided to reiterate to me while I was coming out of the dreamscape this morning….

Essentially the jist is that the seeds I plant today (well, for Imbolic) will bare fruit later in the year.

So the past few days I’ve found myself highly irritated. Particularly yesterday. Some of it is lonliness. Some of it is frustration. A bit of hurt thrown in for good measure. All cause i was flaked on… again.

But in waking this mornign something in my head reminded me that those particular seeds were planted already. Its too soon for them to have bloomed and I should stop fretting over them and instead put my mind to other things.

It served to lift my spirits today. I’m not as funked out as I was yesterday.

Hallowed are the Ori.