Learning to wire…


Gabe and I spent last weekend installing the intercom system in our house.   In addition we added a few additional components to the alarm system that we didn’t install originally.

Most of the weekend was spent pulling wires and such.   Yesterday we did the final pieces to power the system up.    I got to wire my first keypad into the system.   A lot easier to work with than PC-innards, I’ve decided.  

New Years rEvolution


It seems like the new year is always a revolving door of change for me.   Its been this way for several concurrent years now… but as the new year comes, so with it comes some chaotic upheaval that disrupts the very fabric of my world—shattering contentment.

At least it serves to keep me in motion—always evolving.  Stagnation isn’t particularly desirable.     It would seem, however, that an important chapter in my life is reaching its conclusion.   Wonder what’s on the next page…

Holiday Dinner


This entry is a bit late, as I’ve been having some camera difficulties.   My camera took a trip through the laundry and is now a shiny paper-weight.    Gabe’s camera I have no direct plugin for the computer, and I’ve only now just located my USB adapter to read the memory card so I could extract the photos I took to document this feat.


Anyway, for Christmas this year I endeavored to cook my first holiday meal.    Kind of strange I’ve made it over 30 years into life without having to prepare my own holiday dinner, but I guess I’m just blessed that way.   

I decided it would be a good trial run for that day when I actually host a holiday for family.    Now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I feel confident in tackling the challenge of a holiday feast.


For the turkey I kind of cheated in that I got one that came in a so-called fool-proof bag.   I’m not sure if its really fool-proof.   I suppose I could have it tested, but then again, the High Lord Fool is pretty adept in the kitchen.    I’ve sampled his cooking.    I’m confident he could pull it off without a fool-proof bag.     Either that or he’ll burn his hand regardless of the fool-proofing.

In any case, it turned out pretty good.   The skin was a bit charred, but it was moist and juicy just the way we like it:


Gabe did the carving for me  (that I have pulled off in the past):


And then we were left with a carcass:


Far less appealing, I’m afraid, with the meat off the bone.   I wasn’t all that interested in making soup out of it, so after rescuing the legs, I had the remains tossed out.


Turkey wasn’t the whole of the menu though.   Gabe was treated to stuffing and home-made mashed potatoes (from actual potatoes I cooked, not some potato-out-of-the-box).

We also had green-beans (though not as a casserole), jellied cranberry sauce, and of course a dinner role and some gravy.

Here is the whole meal, plated:


Yum!    I should note that I burned six out of eight total dinner roles.    Next time I will be sure to check the settings on my toaster oven.   Smile    Still, given I’ve had no experience cooking a holiday dinner, I think having only the dinner roles turn out inedible is a triumph.    Fortunately I had spares.

It was delicious and it was a couple of hours before we were ready for desert.   That consisted of my mom’s traditional holiday gelatin desert  (do we have a name for it?).   I made it with raspberry instead of the usual lime… because Gabe does not much care for lime jello.    (He’s odd like that.)

I also baked another home-made pumpkin pie.    I’ve made three of them this year in total.   They’re quite good.  



As you can see from this photo, the meal fully satisfied:



There we have it.  I can officially cook a holiday dinner.    I do now, however, have a deeper appreciation for kitchens with multiple ovens.

this just in… the update

Move to condition two.

Seems as though Reno FD has the situation under control. Pretty much every engine in town was here, surrounding the hospital. All but those on my street (of course) have since departed. Seems the event is localized to a section that shares a street with us.

No more smoke (which may have been an optical illusion with the clouds… kinda unsure now). Though some non-fire trucks have pulled up and another bystander mentioned the responders were huddled around a gas tank of some sort. That would likely be the oxygen tank on the side of the building. We know all about that from being woken up at midnight every night while they refill it. I suspect they’re taking precautionary measures. Oxygen and fire go a little too well together.

Anyway, exciting as all that was, we don’t appear to be under any threat at this time. Cell phone is charging.

End of line.


The hospital that sits literally across the street from me is on fire.. we see smoke. my street is closed off. awaiting further word. shields up. set condition one. this is not a drill. (nor a joke)

of the course, cell phone lacks full charge….

end of line

The wheels are in motion…


We just dropped off our rental app and deposit.   From our conversations with the homeowner today it all seems like a formality at this point.    She’s definitely sold on us.

So…  looks like I will probably start moving this weekend.

Originally we were aiming for mid-December, but she offered to start letting us move in sooner with discounted first-month’s rent…  since we could, we took her up on it.  Gives us ample breathing room to facilitate the move.   Things to do.

We’d like a functional alarm system before we have to actually sleep there, so now we won’t be so rushed to get that sort of thing done.    Busy weekend ahead though.

On the plus side… since we won’t be moving mid-month… and because having onsite storage means no more off-site storage, we’ll have Yule time décor readily accessible and it would now make sense to actually bother with expressing holiday cheer.   It didn’t make sense to bother with things like a tree when you knew you were going to do a tear-down mere days after completing the setup.    I like my holidays, but if you saw my Halloween pics, you might have a sense of the amount of effort that goes into it.   (This year I started Hallowmas at the beginning of September.   Next year, we were talking about, is looking more like August… although, now that we have garage (aka workshop) space, it might make for some more ambitious plans than we originally had.  That in turn may necessitate an even earlier start.   

2011 will mark the 13th anniversary of Radcliffe, so naturally we have a duty to celebrate and celebrate big this year.   Its all our 13th (mostly) Annual  [this or that event], for pretty much everything.   Speaking of which… I think it’s about time to call a board meeting and a broader staff meeting.  

Definitely one of those mixed emotions type of things.   I’m still sad about having to effectively leave this house abandoned.   Its served me well.   Guess all one can do is give thanks.  

I’m also kind of bummed that the Dowds will no longer be ‘just around the corner.’   Its been cool having them at hand.    All too short a time of such close-proximity-dwelling.   On the other hand this will force the issue in resuming regularly scheduled weekly services.  

Speaking of which… this new place is laid out a lot better in terms of hosting social occasions than the current place was.   I am looking forward to full resumption of all events and services.

Sleeping in the Dark


I finally got to spend a night in my bedroom sleeping in actual darkness.    Its been over a year since I moved in there, and a good year and a half or so of frequent sleep-overs before then… so its been long over due.

There is this hospital across the street from me, and its bright.   All that light comes into the bedroom window (which overlooks the front yard).

So needless to say, I’ve not been getting shut-eye in real darkness for some time.    Gabe installed some new curtains though, so the light seeping around the blinds is now blocked from view.

Quieter too, what with two big pieces of cloth to help absorb sound.     Having always been a bit sensitive to light, my hope is that I begin getting more sound sleep now.   


In other news, these are the top searches related to my blog for the past week or so:

n33955, "mike anguish", spaghetti junction, stryse xxx


Stryse XXX.    Seriously?   Perverts.   Good luck with that.    I googled it (on Bing) myself and didn’t get anything good back.    The first link is to my dog’s myspace page and shows up because one of her myspace friends posted a birthday comment including “I love you Leia XXX OOO.”   Hugs and kisses, not nakedness.   

The other three results that search phrase turns up have nothing to do with me.      

Unwavering Faith

Today is a happy day. Whilst shopping, I have found what I have been secretly plotting with the universe to bring into reality…. Cherry RC Cola!

Oh happy day… (oh happy day…)

When you believe in the power of the Ori, good things happen.

And then there was one…


Sad news day.   Rue McClanahan passed away this morning.    Now only Betty White remains from that now-classic sitcom, the Golden Girls.

Even today, after all this time, I still love that show and will halt channel surfing when I hit upon it somewhere.    I imagine we’ll have another round of Golden Girl marathons now in remembrance of Rue.    Who’d have guessed that some ‘old ladies’ would have had such an impact on a young man’s world?     Wish we still made television like that.

Rest in Peace.