Learning to wire…


Gabe and I spent last weekend installing the intercom system in our house.   In addition we added a few additional components to the alarm system that we didn’t install originally.

Most of the weekend was spent pulling wires and such.   Yesterday we did the final pieces to power the system up.    I got to wire my first keypad into the system.   A lot easier to work with than PC-innards, I’ve decided.  

Wintery Friday


I tell ya.   Why is it that if its too dangerous to send our children to school, its perfectly okay to expect me to be out in this?   Does my age make me less-important than children?    I don’t think so.

Granted, it was only six inches or so of snow on the ground.  Not that bad out there.   I’ve been doing this every year for at least a decade now, so it doesn’t phase me all that much.   But at six inches, my low-to-the-ground car is about to its operating limits.

Roads only get particularly treacherous as I approach the office.   Our facilities are located on what are technically private roads, so the city isn’t plowing them.   We depend on the property management for clearing out not only our parking lots, but the streets we need to take to get to them.

Could they be bothered to get it done when people need to be using them?

Let’s just say I made it into work okay, but was legitimately concerned about being able to get out of here tonight to go home.    The concern is now null and void, as they literally just completed plowing out our parking lot.   My car won’t be trapped in snow higher up than its base.   Yay.


Of course it started its day off getting defaced.   I know Gabe was only trying to be helpful… but he totally destroyed the D and part of the E across my windshield.   Why on earth someone would take a scraping tool to vinyl stickers is beyond me.   I know I’ve mentioned it to him before that when scraping ice off my windshield, we avoid the top of it where all the lettering is located.     Guess he gets to go peel off the remaining lettering so I can buy a new decal and apply it.   If the weather ever improves.  Didn’t even last a year.      In the meantime I get to drive around something that looks stupid.   That and the windshield wiper blade (which is what I wanted his help reinstalling), he put on backwards so now I have this awful noise when the wipers on on.   


Yeah, its been that kind of day.    (The kind where the word ‘that’ won’t actually highlight so I can italicize it… requiring me to retype the same word twice, manually toggling style settings in the process.)

But really.   The attitude of this place.     Let’s plow the parking lots after all the cars are in them.    No regard to our safety and well-being getting to work.   We’re just expected to wake up even earlier and brave conditions when they’re even more dangerous.   Yet our children get to stay home from school because its too dangerous to have them out on the streets.      I don’t really mind that, but it would be nice if I could count on my employer to have my safety and well-being in mind.    

Fire Safety and Xmas

This post is dedicated to Gabe, my personal Life Safety Engineer (amongst other things)


In addition to watering your tree.. make sure you have proper coverage by smoke detectors and/or heat detectors.   Make sure they’re not in dead-zones where smoke won’t reach them.     Ensure they all have batteries and are in working order.    A few minutes and a few dollars now can be all that stands between your family and destitution.