Finally some snow worth mentioning…


It’s only taken most of the winter… but there is finally enough white stuff to bother with my ‘first snow’ entry for this season.  

I’ve had a couple of light dustings, but it melted so fast I started wondering if it was just a dream.

Not today:


My car… covered in it.

How do I explain this to You?

Its the notion that something like same-sex marriage is going to somehow derail a kid’s childhood…as though they actually spend a great deal of time wrestling with such things in their mind.    Sentiments of ‘How will I explain this to my children?” as though they won’t be able to continue being kids.

Maybe its not your kids that need such help.    Indeed, maybe they can help explain it to you.   Maybe you’re making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

Kids encounter new-to-them situations all the time.   Its called growing up.    It actually happens in adulthood too, yet it seems that children are far better able to roll with this sort of thing than many of their parents.    Or at least that’s a picture being painted.

I’ve witnessed it myself.   Kids are curious, and when they’ve worked it out, they move on… to ping pong or what-have-you.     Unless of course we, as adults, plant bad seeds of thought in their heads.    They tend to just accept, however, without any anxiety.   Like this boy, who reasons it out for himself, based on what he’s been told up to that point about married people.   They love each other.  Boys are husbands.  Girls are wives.     So yeah, two married boys are husband and husband and they love each other.   Makes sense to me.   Makes sense to him.     Not really sure why its such a mystery for other people.

Unfortunately I think this video speaks volumes upon volumes and that much of that will be lost upon the adult-world.

The Yo-Yo of Reno Weather


So today is supposed to be hot.  Summer hot.    Next week, well, we’re back to cool.  Late winter cool.

Such is the yo-yo of weather we Renoites enjoy twice annually…     driving to work with the heater cranked on at full blast…. and driving home with the AC cranked to full blast.  

We brought the sprinkler systems online yesterday to shake them out before spring hits in force.  We didn’t want to be down when our plants were thirsty.

The system is in pretty good health.   Only one busted sprinkler head in the whole network.    Others need some fine tuning, as its preferable to water the grass, not the concrete.   (Besides, I may want to wash my car and not have the sprinkler mess it up).

Here’s a pic that probably doesn’t reveal the sprinklers.    My dogs enjoyed playing in it though:


I really should go pick that bird bath up.   🙂

The trees are showing signs of life.  The one on the left there has pink buds.  Should be pretty.  I suspect these three little guys are all fruit trees of some form.  

I’m insanely curious to see exactly what flora I have to work with here.

The North Tree was the first to wake up:


Thanks Rune!   Ever since you pointed out that I indeed have a tree in the North, I can’t stop referring to it as the North Tree.   Like its the North Star or something.    Anyway, its the furthest along so far in getting out of hibernation mode.

As I tweeted yesterday.. the plants are waking up… and as they do so, they look at me, and they say  “Who the frak are you?”

Soon they’ll be blowing pollen in my face to chase the stranger away.

Happy Spring!


Yes, the first day of spring… and I’m greeted with snow.   Its not sticking around though.   Still, it was bad enough to cause a pretty major accident (no injuries from what I could tell) on the freeway today, adding about 1/2 an hour to my commute.    It was a bit icy this morning.

Looks like we’ll have a mix of snow and rain for today, into tomorrow.  Then some partly sunny skies before another mix of snow and rain next week.

then maybe things will warm up, and feel spring-like, and then we can have our last good snow-storm before transitioning fully into summer.

(Cause, you know, we only have two seasons here… winter and construction)

Tuesday update


My introduction on Worst Little Podcast is now up for your listening pleasure.   Was a fun time hanging with the guys at the infamous DogWater Studios.   Kinda neat seeing it from the other side.    I find it fitting that my first adventure in a recording studio was in one owned/operated by a good friend of mine.    So shout out to Rick!

Anyway, check the latest episode of the podcast:


In other news, I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the various projects I have going on.   None of them finished, all in various states of in-progress.   I’m going to have to take stock of it today, reprioritized what I have going on, and just get it done.   Sometimes I multitask myself into delays.



Happy Birthday to my Aunt Amy.

Early Happy Birthday to my mom!

Happy Belated Birthday to HeatherBear.

Happy Early Birthday to Cheyenne.

Happy Early Birthday to me.


There was a failed attempt to celebrate my birth over the weekend.  Joined the Lathrop brothers and their ladies for dinner.   They had the bright idea to embarass me by having the restaurant staff come do their birthday gig.

A few problems with this.   First and foremost, I really dislike having that kind of attention cast on me.    Secondly, it was still February…  not only was it not my birthday, it wasn’t even the right month.    I consider it sacrilege and blasphemous (and not in a good way) to even consider celebrating a birthday in the wrong month… especially mine.    

Further, its kind of stupid anyway when everyone else in the restaurant is apparently sharing the birthday.   There comes a point when my dinner is ruined because the entire restaurant keeps erupting into some birthday-celebration-shouts.     Can’t a man dine in peace anymore?  

Anyway, I didn’t play along…   Told the waitress quite explicitly that it was 1) not my birthday and 2) I was not interested in desert, free or otherwise.  

Result:  Lots of wasted time by wait-staff who could have been tending to their tables.  That and a bowl of wasted ice-cream I refused to eat.   

Silver lining:   It is now well understood that the Stryse does not yield to peer-pressure.  this of course a bit of a change from, oh, 15 years ago, when he was more foolish in thinking he needed people’s acceptance.

Gabe says I should blame my party for it… and I do… but I also find myself unpleased with the Texas Roadhouse.    Sure the party instigated it, but when your customer is telling you “Look, I don’t want you guys coming over here making a fuss over my birthday-which-is-still-a-week-and-a-half-off.”  and then doing it anyway… No.   The waitress, representing the restaurant, then becomes an accomplice.     No tip for you.  Except I wasn’t paying, so didn’t get a say in that.    Regardless, I will not be returning to their establishment.   

Food was good, atmosphere not…  way over-crowded.   I didn’t feel safe comfortable in a place who has only a door and a half—max occupancy of 100 people based on how many could actually get out in an emergency—and at least 300 people crammed in there.   Not to mention the wait.  Won’t even put you on the list until your whole party is standing on your other customer’s toes, waiting for a table.   

Granted most of that is normal, but when you offend me by ignoring my explicit wishes to dine in peace, I’m certainly not patronizing your establishment.

It was good seeing Ben, James, and family… but I did not enjoy the dinner at all, and then they pulled the not-my-birthday shenanigans… which sealed the deal on my having a bad night over all.    Thanks, friends.   We’ll see if that plays into it being another year before we all get together again.  

Here it is Tuesday and I’m still ticked off about it.   Let it go man, let it go.   🙂

Safe and Sound

Well, there was a break in the snow and I used the opportunity to get home while I could.   All safe and sound in my warm house.  Smile

But things are getting sketchy out there:

This thing doesn’t like the file format (.3gp), but I have some video on it too.   Unfortunately, the phone does little justice to the actual amount of snow fall I was experiencing.   Lets just say its more blizzard-like than these let on:

Video Link:

Another Day, Another Snowing

Actually had some trouble getting to work today, but didn’t spin out too badly. Fortunately I had the road to myself at the time. Let’s just hope I can get out of here today.

Someone must have said something, as the property management has their crews out here in force today, shovling sidewalks. I trust the parking lot proper will be plowed shortly.

Its supposed to be steady snow through 1:00 though. Given my difficulties this morning, if we get a break, I think I may see about working from home this afternoon.

Wintery Friday


I tell ya.   Why is it that if its too dangerous to send our children to school, its perfectly okay to expect me to be out in this?   Does my age make me less-important than children?    I don’t think so.

Granted, it was only six inches or so of snow on the ground.  Not that bad out there.   I’ve been doing this every year for at least a decade now, so it doesn’t phase me all that much.   But at six inches, my low-to-the-ground car is about to its operating limits.

Roads only get particularly treacherous as I approach the office.   Our facilities are located on what are technically private roads, so the city isn’t plowing them.   We depend on the property management for clearing out not only our parking lots, but the streets we need to take to get to them.

Could they be bothered to get it done when people need to be using them?

Let’s just say I made it into work okay, but was legitimately concerned about being able to get out of here tonight to go home.    The concern is now null and void, as they literally just completed plowing out our parking lot.   My car won’t be trapped in snow higher up than its base.   Yay.


Of course it started its day off getting defaced.   I know Gabe was only trying to be helpful… but he totally destroyed the D and part of the E across my windshield.   Why on earth someone would take a scraping tool to vinyl stickers is beyond me.   I know I’ve mentioned it to him before that when scraping ice off my windshield, we avoid the top of it where all the lettering is located.     Guess he gets to go peel off the remaining lettering so I can buy a new decal and apply it.   If the weather ever improves.  Didn’t even last a year.      In the meantime I get to drive around something that looks stupid.   That and the windshield wiper blade (which is what I wanted his help reinstalling), he put on backwards so now I have this awful noise when the wipers on on.   


Yeah, its been that kind of day.    (The kind where the word ‘that’ won’t actually highlight so I can italicize it… requiring me to retype the same word twice, manually toggling style settings in the process.)

But really.   The attitude of this place.     Let’s plow the parking lots after all the cars are in them.    No regard to our safety and well-being getting to work.   We’re just expected to wake up even earlier and brave conditions when they’re even more dangerous.   Yet our children get to stay home from school because its too dangerous to have them out on the streets.      I don’t really mind that, but it would be nice if I could count on my employer to have my safety and well-being in mind.    

Eiglis Revisited


Eiglis is the Great Dragon of the Spring, in case you were wondering.


Finally a groundhog agrees with me…  Spring is coming early this year.   I know that sounds silly given how much of the continent is under heavy snow right now… but out here in the high dessert of the Sierra’s,  you can smell spring in the air.  

Of course the groundhog’s track record isn’t particularly stellar.   


In unrelated news, it looks like the shuttles Endeavor and Atlantis may get a reprieve.   A study is underway, or will be underway, to look into what it would cost to keep the orbiters in long-term storage in flight-ready status, rather than refit them for display in museums.   It might have them moving from government-operation to commercial-operation.  Essentially they may become ‘private’ spacecraft.    Lest us forget, as commercial space takes off, we have two big players that have decades of experience under their belt working for NASA:   Boeing and Lockheed Martin.    Jointly they have a venture called United Space Alliance and USA has been doing work for NASA involving shuttle operations as well as work in support of the International Space Station (we really need to give it a name already).    They may be taking up the shuttles to continue operating them privately after NASA completes its flight manifest.

To date the only retirement request NASA has made is on Discovery, the oldest remaining shuttle in the fleet.



I think I am getting antsy for the spring time.    I think a few trees are as well.   One in the yard of my neighbors looks like its wanting to bud leaves.    Of course there are still stragglers from autumn attached.    None of the other trees are showing signs of it, so I’m thinking its just natural for that one to look that way when hibernating.

In anycase, Imbolc is almost here.   I was at the wal-mart the other day and found, stashed in a corner, some herb-in-a-pot gardening leftovers from last spring.

Parsley, basil, and rosemary.   

Imbolc is a bit about the seeds, so I’m eager for it to get here and do something with them.


On the plus side, we’ve had some nice weather that feels like early spring.   I can comfortably be in a t-shirt when in the sun again.   I’m hoping winter does not drag on too long as it did last year.    Would be nice to get some rain though.