Words and Phrases I think We Should Retire Before the Campaign Season Really Kicks Off…

Mostly because they’re just meaningless buzzwords that now hint at a deep and utter lack of original thought…   Its a new decade, time for new meaningless phrases to distract from relevant debate.

Liberals / Conservatives;  Left / Right – The world is a lot less black and white than these imply.   I have yet to meet a pure-liberal or pure-conservative…  everyone is liberal on some things, conservative on others.    Its called being American.    Left and Right are directions relative to where you’re standing.    Since the world is round, everyone on the right is also to the left of the left.

Activisit Judges – It’s their job to interpret law, not the people who actually wrote them, and certainly not the general population.   Don’t like the interpretation?   We have many avenues to change the laws… try writing them more clearly and straight-forward to begin with.   (Also, considering the general state of the American education system, you might just want to stick with single-syllable words.)    Don’t like that?  Well we have a few avenues to change the constitutional mandate they are carrying out as well.

Tea-bagging – Let’s keep it clean.   Oh wait, sex and politics go hand-in-hand in this country.

Flip-flop(ing) –  Unless we’re referring to the footwear, of course.   (I went flip-flopping to the mailbox this morning.)

Sheeple  – If you use it, you’ve spoken like a true sheeple.   Also, sheep are probably smarter than you.

The [Insert Qualifier Here] Agenda –  With 300+ million Americans, there are 300+ million agendas.  Not everyone is going to get theirs fulfilled.

Republicans / Democrats – They really are the root of all our problems.   Use these words and you’ve secured my vote for someone else.

Really, folks, we’ve spent almost 12 years now hurling insults at each other, thinking such division is going to fix America and put us into a new golden age.    Instead we’ve seen 12 years of issues getting worse, crisis getting deeper, and well…   ask yourself where you are going and why you’re in this hand basket.

That is all.   For now.

(Got any others you’d like added to the list?   Add em via the comments.)

The twitterverse is… fun


Just following some of the commentary on Obama’s decision to release the long form of his birth certificate.

Why is it I am always finding myself simultaneously in stitches (laughing), yet horrifyingly appalled with the public at large?

Responding to Senator Reid


The only thing I find destructive about term limits, is the destruction it causes to the career-aspirations of would-be career-politicians. Losing qualified law-makers at a time we need them the most? Who was it, exactly, that led us into this mess where we ‘need them now more than ever.’ Personally I think all offices should have consecutive-term-limits. Only so many terms in a row, then you step down. If you’re interested, and we liked you, we can vote for you again in another election. (I also don’t think people should be able to run for office if they hold one already… finish up the job you were elected to do before seeking a new one.) Nevada implemented these rules for a reason. Career-politicians, like Harry Reid, should be ignored on this topic. Public service was not intended to be a vocation. Its something we send our best and brightest to do, for a limited period of time, and then we thank them and let them have their lives back. Plenty of room for volunteer work for anyone who has reached their term-limit and wants to stay in the game out of a genuine interest to serve their fellow Nevadans.


As for outlawing prostitution.. 

“I’ve talked to families who feel the same way,” he said. “Parents who don’t want their children to look out of a school bus and see a brothel. Or to live in a state with the wrong kind of red lights.”

There are 49 such states in this union.  I encourage such families to seek them out.   Those of us who do want our children to see brothels when the look out the school-bus window have far more limited options on where we can live to get that kind of exposure.    Its pretty hard for us in Northern Nevada to do it as it is, what with the brothels not being on bus routes.  

"When the nation thinks about Nevada, it should think about the world’s newest ideas and newest careers — not about its oldest profession," he said.

Nevadans enjoy greater freedom than just about any other American in this nation.   I, for one, do not want to see that freedom eroded.  Its one of the reasons that makes Nevada such a great state to live in.   (I mean really, where else do you enjoy the freedom of prostitutes with concealed weapons?)  

When the nation thinks about Nevada, I’m pretty sure one of the first things they think about is the Senate Majority Leader.   IF prostitution even enters the consideration, I doubt much it ranks highly.   Shoot, I LIVE here, and its one of the things furthest from my mind.  

I like how he touts it as a way to boost Nevada’s economy. Putting all those ‘service-workers’ out of legal and paying jobs is certainly helpful to them. Its not my place to regulate what you do with your body. Its not Senator Reid’s either. Making them outlaws will just tax the already under-resourced law enforcement. Seriously.. where has outlawing prostitution actually eliminated prostitution from the streets? We know its going to happen anyway, and I like that Nevada recognizes this and at least tries to regulate it for the safety of all concerned. Maybe not always successful, but at least Nevada keeps it real. Ah, Nevada. How I do love thee.

Calling the President Out

So just read this little article on the heels of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal that President Obama’s views on same-sex marriage are constantly evolving.   This is good news, because his stance on it is rather peculiar, given who its coming from.

His baseline response is that he believes gay couples should be able to enter into civil unions that afford them the same protections as married couples.   (It’s the protections marriage affords that is primarily motivating gay people to demand the fair and equal treatment under the law that they are due.    ‘Gay Rights’ is a farce dreamed up by neo-conservatives too far up their own arses to see, think (or smell) clearly.    Its not new rights people want, just that the existing ones be upheld.)

Personally I’m all for civil unions.   Civilly, the institution of marriage should be abolished.   If this debate has taught us anything, its that there are two institutions going around by the name ‘marriage.’   One is solely religious, and the other solely secular.   It’s the two very separate and distinct institutions sharing the same name that causes us so much of this strife and confusion.   So I say lets relegate ‘marriage’ out of the civil scene and make it solely a religious affair.    Doing so would forever divorce the US government from the institution and nullify first-amendment concerns on the matter, as well as upholding the rights of religious institutions to form their own marriage policies.  (Though, frankly, religious institutions are under no actual threats to their right to do so, even in the current dialogue.)   In its place the US government can set up Civil Unions for its citizens, following all the same guidelines as present-day-civil-marriage, but under a different name so as to avoid confusion.   Well most all the guidelines as present-day-civil-marriage.  The key change would be extending it to all Americans, not just straight couples.   

However the President’s stance is puzzling, and has not escaped my notice.    Here we have the first US President of African-American descent basically telling the American people on this issue of civil-marriage  “Guess what.   Separate-but-equal is OKAY. We’ll have marriage for one group of Americans and Civil Unions for another.”

This nation decided, albeit reluctantly, that separate-but-equal was not okay, and instead tended to be contrary to the very ideals this nation was founded upon.   Its why we desegregated.   On that day, America stood a little taller and prouder, having more fully realized her dream of a society of equals.

I’ve recently sent the White House a letter calling the President out on that.    It’s a real shame that a black American could take such a position in good conscience.   Worse when said black American is also President.    Personally I think the President is setting civil rights back a few decades with this talk.  Whether you realized it or not, that impacts all Americans, regardless of their race, creed, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.    Protecting the rights of the minority not only redresses wrongs committed against that minority, but also (and perhaps more importantly) strengthens the freedom and equality of ALL Americans, even those not directly impacted by the issue at hand.    Our founding fathers knew this and the principle is enshrined in the compromise that established the United States Congress (specifically the Senate in which even small states have an equal voice).


We’ll see what the White House has to say. 

A message for conservatives…


The interweb is abuzz with political chatter on just about everything.    Print may be dead, but at least one can still read a book without enduring hundreds of comments exposing stupidity and simple-mindedness.

So much of it isn’t even discussing the issues.   Its attacking each other instead.   Now that we’re in the Obama years, its a whole lot of so-called conservatives making attacks on their fellow-americans who identify as liberal… except most of the time they didn’t self identify… they just have a different opinion so they must be liberal (because afterall there are only two possible conculsions anyone could make and they neatly fall into opposite extremes).  

Well before the conservatives bemoan the liberals again, lets remind you of something.

Those founding fathers you cream your jeans over?    Radical Liberals.   All of them.    Liberals established this nation.   Liberals paid in blood to secure the liberties you now enjoy.

No taxation without representation?    Radical liberalism in the the late 18th century.

All men created equal?   Radical and liberal as well.

Certain inalienable rights?    Only those handed down to you by your sovereign… which was the King, not God.     Those who believed they had inalienable rights from their creator?    Liberals.    (And radicals at that.)

A government that governs by the consent of the people?     Absolute crazy talk!

Do you see a pattern developing here?   

And this was well before our beloved constitution.    But then we ratified that and followed it up with the liberal agenda known now as the Bill of Rights.

Liberalism is what changed the face of the world and (arguably) made it a better place.

But what was liberal in 1776 may well be considered conservative in 2010.     Just remember who it was that got us here before you start taking jabs at your fellow patriots.     Liberals love your country as much as you do.    

The infighting needs to stop.    By and large we are all in agreement on what the issues are.   Its really the strategies to resolve those issues that we have differences of opinion on.     It is vitally important for each and every American to remember this… conservative or liberal, we maintain that we are all equals.    Equals!!!!   This means that your opinion and point of view are no more, and no less, valid than your liberal counterpart’s.     When you levy personal attacks on them just for having a different opinion you’re ultimately reducing your own credibility in the argument.   So much of the comments I read on news articles and such are just blatant smear.    No one is having an adult conversation anymore.    

Except the moderates, like me… but we generally keep silent.    Our liberal and conservative brethren seem to have completely unhinged themselves from rational thought and we’d just rather not engage people who favor simple-mindedness over critical thought.

Of course you just lament that we moderates are too clueless and out of touch to know anything.    Again, such sentiments appear to put you in the category of being of the mind that there are only two possible points of view to be had and they must fall on one extreme or the other.     Believe that if you must, but the reality is that the moderates in the nation have a much better handle on the issues than you do.   They’re not ignoring valid points simply because they’re coming from a liberal  (or a conservative since the liberals tend to dismiss any conservative argument even though they have their share of valid ones too.)

The reality is we’re all in this together and any solutions to our problems needs to work for all Americans.    To accomplish this both the left and the right need to move to the center.     Its the only way to govern a population of equals fairly.

Critical thought is the only way out of this quagmire.  The simple-minded thinking so rampant on the internet is directly in opposition to this grim reality and serves only to bolster the barriers to ‘fixing’ the nation.

As for you liberals… keep in mind that the above does apply to you as well, just in reverse.   Today’s conservatives aim to protect the liberal values of yesteryear..  they want to preserve all that wonderful liberal activism that our nation was built upon.   You need to give them a break as much as they need to give you one.

Just keep in mind… true and pure conservatism holds society in place.   Liberalism is what has historically advanced society forward.   Its only with a careful mix of both conservatism and liberalism that we can advance society in a manner that truly benefits the people of that society.    Its kind of like the tortoise and the hare.    If we are pure liberals, we work like the hare.  We make all these leaps and bounds but ultimately fall short of the goal.     Mix in some conservatism and you get the slow, but steady pace of the tortoise.    We all know who won that race.

Ours is an imperfect nation.    The US Constitution aimed to establish a more-perfect union but remember that is a relative.   It is more perfect than what came before.   Our founding fathers left a lot of work undone in the constitution.    Later generations carried on that work and today’s generations are carrying it on as well.     Treating each other as adversaries won’t bode well for America or her people.    We all love our country and want to see it do right by its people.    

So lets start having the adult conversations our elected representatives seem incapable of having.    Lets let civility rule us.    Lets treat each other with the love and respect a fellow American – nay, a fellow human being – deserves.    If you’re really a conservative, try conserving the particular value that all men (and women) are equals and as such  you’re not so special that your opinion has greater weight.

So sayeth the Stryse.  

A MultiPost


Several unrelated blog entries, all in one.

In other news…

Last night was the first of what will be several nights all alone.   Gabe is safely in Oregon, where he is installing a new fire alarm & intrusion detection for his sister.    Then he’s off to his mom’s to do some work on her place.     I have at least two more weeks of living alone to go.    I foresee much Xboxing in my immediate future. 



My Seeds of Discontent are Sprouting!

I feel somewhat vindicated as I hear more and more ‘news’ like the following article out there in Americana:


At least some people are coming out of their hibernation.   

Since I am a devote non-partisan (more accurately a devote anti-partisan), it would appear that the senate race is mine to decide.    Mwa ha ha ha ha.     

What I find appalling is that the people polled seem to be of the mind they don’t have another choice already, that they must choose between two candidates they don’t really want.    (As though the ‘anyone but [insert today’s devil here]’ campaigns have proven wildly successful over the past decade.)  

Let me clear something up for you Nevadans of the mind you only have two choices for US Senate.    We have several other alternatives for you to choose from… and you still have a couple of months to vet them out  (where available I have their names linked to their campaign sites to get you started on that process):

In addition to one Sharon Angle, running against Harry Reid this year are the following (in no particular order than what they were listed in when i copy/pasted the list):

Tim Fasano (IAP)
Businessman & Navy Veteran

Scott Ashjian (Tea Party)  (I thought they were trying to avoid being an actual party)

Michael Haines (Independent)

Jesse Holland (Independent)
Metallurgical Worker

Jeffrey Reeves (Independent)
Teacher & ’08 US Rep. Candidate

Wil Stand (Independent)

I doubt you’ll find any of them are battier than Angle and Reid.    So while we may still be relegated to nut-jobs, at least we have a number of nut-jobs to choose from.

Hilarious Picture Time:

wp95422704 (I knew the Pope looked familiar.. this is actually from one  of those nutty ‘alternative-choices’ we Nevadans have.   But is he so nutty?)

While the rest of you are ‘stuck’ without ‘real’ choices, I get to enjoy having six candidates to choose from.  (Still undecided amongst the six, but at least I have choices… if any of you six are reading, stopping by my house to meet with me will all but seal the deal for you.)  Smaller, more local elections, you often do end up having two (non) choices, but in a race as big as the US Senate, you can count on having alternatives to the two-party system destroying the very foundation of the country.

Silly Nevadans.   You don’t have to vote for Angle just because you believe (as many of us do) that Harry Reid needs to exit the Senate.    The argument that not voting for the two party system is wasting a vote is silly, more than a little simple-minded, and ultimately comes down to being a self-fulfilling prophecy.     

Here are my campaign slogan for whatever race I one day might end up in:    


Except I have my eyes on a judicial posting.   I’ll spend most of my time on the bench dismissing cases for being silly and a waste of tax-payer time and dollars.


Happy Friday!

“Shark attacks on humans are very rare. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be attacked by Charlie Sheen than a shark.”

-Jimmy Kimmel on Live!



The count-down is on.   We have one month to go and its all-new Stargate.    When that’s done… its all-new Caprica!      Sadly Eureka doesn’t seem to be showing signs of fixing its time-line, so I guess I should get used to Fargo being the head of GD.   I think it would be good if next time Carter is in charge of GD.   Or Sarah.   But I digress.   SGU is returning and some big reveals are coming our way.   What is the Destiny’s mission?  What is that awesome new set?    What will get Rush and Young on the same page?    Oh, and now Telford is actually onboard!  

What has been interesting to me about SGU is the speed in which the pay-offs keep coming from the teases.    {SPOILER ALERT}

For example, when Young left Rush on that desert planet, I figured it would be toward the end of the season before we found Rush back onboard the Destiny.   Instead, it was pretty immediately worked out.   Not that I mind.  It pleases me to be surprised as Stargate had become a bit too predictable, and SGU has consistently surprised me in the pace of developments.   It helps too that with each pay-off comes another ‘now what’ moment.    Serialized television.   Its interesting.    🙂



Since the idea crept into my head, it hasn’t left… so I think I’m going to go for it.   The first annual Radcliffe Bacon Party!     I’m picking 9/29 for the event, for no other reason that its my brother’s birthday.  I have no idea what his culinary leanings are like, so I hope he likes Bacon, because its what’s on the menu as I observe his holiday.

Bacon Party:    Bring a dish that involves bacon in some way.   Preferably a creative, really?!-you’d-put-bacon-on-that? kind of dish.    Then we’ll spend the evening in fellowship whilst sampling some bacon delicacies.

You have a month for that too, so start trying recipes.  

ROFLMAO – Channel 2 News

So the big news item for the 5:30 evening news is this: a political ad for Senator Reid includes clips of live newscasts that are intended to support his claims about his opponent, Ms. Angle. “We know what you are thinking. How can they do that?” a Wendy Damonte asks.

Now generally I only watch Channel 2 news to critique her on-air wardrobe. But let me tell you Wendy, that was so not what I was thinking. That’s what you and your newsie friends were thinking. I, on the other hand, was laughing gleefully. First I was laughing that this is news at all, let alone the big story. Second, I was laughing at the notion it would turn out to be a piece of journalists crying foul when they find themselves the victims of their own reporting tactics. Which it did, that and to provide Channel 2 a means of distancing itself from the Reid ad… a valid concern given that they must maintain the pretense, if not the actual state of unbiased reporting on political candidates.

Yeah Channel 2 news, that first amendment kind of sucks, doesn’t it. Get over it. Reid did just what you news shows do all the time, air things that support your story. Do you always ask permission, or otherwise inform every single person you play a clip of in a news cast? Are you sure? I see a lot of clips that are just put out over the national wire and you play them. Do you really prenotify those people that they’ll be appearing on channel 2 news in reno? Or do you assume they should already assume they’ll be aired since they did whatever they did on camera that you’ve chosen to air?

No, I wasn’t wondering how they could do it Channel 2. I already knew. What I didn’t know was that you didn’t know, and as journalists, that’s just a sad and sorry state of affairs.

But then, the only truly professional news cast I get is on PBS.

While I’m on a semi-political posting… let me make a few other pieces of commentary in the senate race:

1) Harry Reid’s Campaign: Harry Reid is not responsible for the Sparks Marina. It would most likely still be a contaminated gravel pit to this day if it weren’t for the Truckee River flooding back in 1997 (really, we’re using that in a 2010 election?). No, the Sparks Marina came to be not from Harry Reid’s fund-raising efforts, but because Mother Nature decided water would look nice there and the City of Sparks felt it would be more cost-effective to work around than remove. If we are to give credit to anything, I say we give credit for the Sparks Marina to global warming. (Plus I remain rather unconvinced that the gravel-pit-turned-swimming-hole is in anyway uncontaminated now. So while Harry may or may not have been involved in fund-raising efforts to clean up the new ‘lake’ after-the-fact so people could swim without mutation, I’m not sure this is in anyway relevent in swaying my vote away from some third-party candidate, given that a good number in our fine cities are pretty sure they didn’t do much to that water before declaring it a marina.)

2) Sharron Angle’s Campaign: Harry Reid is no more responsible for the burst of the house-price bubble than he is for the sparks marina. I’ll tell you who is responsible. Again, its nature. In this case, human nature, and in particular the nature of human greed. House prices were artificially inflated in the first place, just like they are being kept artifiically inflated (albeit overall down) right now, this very second. Congress, I’m afraid had little to do with it, beyond the deregulation that took place not in Obama’s administration, not in Bush’s administration, but way back in Clinton’s administration. Back when Republicans took control of the Congress for the first time in 40 years (or some such). Remember then, the hayday when Bob and Newt were running things? (On an aside, wasn’t Newt involved in some scandal that forced his retirement? If so, why is he someone people are listening too now? If my memory is correct and Newt was scandled out of office than the answer is: Oh yeah. America has short peeny syndrome. Short memories, short attentions, and short sightedness. What those have to do with peenies, I don’t know.) Anyway, as I was saying, it wasn’t Congress, so it definitely wasn’t Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader that saw my prophecy fulfilled and people finding themselves with mortgages on $300,000 dollar homes that were never worth more than half that in the first place. No, that, my dear Senator-hopeful, is the sole responsibility of we the people, who bought them in the first place; and we the people, who snookered our fellow citizens into taking loans they couldn’t afford. We the people who were telling the other people they were nuts to think we’d pay 300k for a house that was crumbling to dust have little sympathy.

Strike that, it was Californians-turned-Nevadans that did it, ’cause 300K for a crumbling house was actually quite the deal, from their point of view.

See, this is why I keep my politically-aimed posting to a minimul. Even I sound like a crazy person talking about any of it. But I saw an ad today that was probably from a ‘friends of reid’ campaign that basically said I should vote for him because he made the sparks marina a reality. Sadly, it isn’t hard to find something to balance the posting out for that I can attack Sharon Angle on, so we have that. But the reality is, I wouldn’t let my dog go swimming in the sparks marina (although he has). That, and reality is also that when it comes to political ads, its all misinformation anyway.

In an election year… Vote No Confidence


It pleases me that the GOP continues activity that reinforces my belief that voting for either political party is a wasted vote.


Really?!   This is the behavior that we, the people, want from our elected representatives?   

I’m not particularly pleased with the Democrat’s governance either, but find myself rather uninspired by the other big party, since the best they seem to be able to do is demonstrate how completely childish and immature they are.

Yeah no, can’t vote Republican either.   They are, apparently, still stuck in High School.     I, for one, prefer to have thoughtful, intelligent, adults governing.


Vote No Confidence in November.  

Difficult to see, the future is. Always moving.

Immigration. Arizona has returned this issue to the forefront of consciousness for the American people.

There is a lot in my mind about the topic. Difficult to express, it is. Shifting and twisting. There is much I could say on it. I shall only say this, however:

When the day comes that you look out into the world and do not see an American People, a Mexican People, Candadians, Europeans, Iraqi, Eastern, Western, or any of the other multiltudes of illusionary-distinctions that the imagination of you and your predecessors have spawned….

When the day comes that you look out into the world and realize, for the first time, that there are not American People or Mexican People or any other kind of People… there is only one People… THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH….

When that day comes, your views on matters such as immigration will undergo radical shifts.