Hark! The Dark Holiday Beckons to me…


Time and distance daunt a Jedi not.


Well its that time of year again.. July… when the Samhain bug infects me and my wheels start spinning toward the Grand Celebration…

Even one of my coworkers sensed it… making mention to the rest of the team that if they don’t get back to her soon on the taco party, it’ll be time for me to start decorating for my High Holy Day…

Amusing because I was just having a conversation last night with Sister Cheya about coordinating the dark holiday decor between our two houses…

We only have 115 more shopping days until the big day…   Let the preparations commence…

Social Networking is coming to Radcliffe!

This post is specifically for the Radcliffians out there.

Social Networking is coming to the Church.

You can get in early by joining the Radcliffe Community at http://www.radcliffeulc.org

Once you’re on our homepage, look on the right-hand side of the page, right underneath the “Contacting The Church” section.

UPDATE:  (4/22/2010) As of now, you can simply browse to http://www.radcliffeulc.org/congregation

Once there, you’ll see the new Social Bar and the Members Module, all powered by Google Friend Connect.   They’ll provide you instructions on how to ‘sign in’ to the site.  You don’t have to sign up for anything.  It will use your existing account on Google, Yahoo!, AIM, Twitter, and others.   Just pick the one you want to use, and carry on.    It will pull in profile information for you from that service.   Keep this in mind, as if its in your profile for that service, it will probably be in your profile with the Church.

You’ll also find some links to the Church’s presence on other online properties, and a place to sign up for the up-and-coming Radcliffe newsletter.

There isn’t much for you to do once you sign up…. Yet.   Stay tuned though as we roll out the Radcliffian Experience online.

UPDATE:  (4/22/2010)   Actually, now you can play around with the new Social Bar at the top of the Congregation page.  Leave comments and such and converse with your fellow Radcliffians.

Also, I just want to note this for your reference.   Joining the Radcliffe community as indicated above does not get you a user account on RadcliffeULC.org.    We’re using Google Friend Connect to facilitate the social networking experience and this is completely separate from the site users.    Typically only Radcliffe staff members have site accounts, to do things like maintain site content.   Active congregants, however, are welcome to request a site account.  Just get in touch with your local clergy-person who will send the details to yours-truly.


The dark holiday is upon us!

If you’ve been following me on MySpace (www.myspace.com/stryse) then you probably already know I started the annual Hall Decking mid-September.

I’d like to formally welcome MumRa to the fold. He’s a six-foot tall Mummy that lights up and groans at me. I intend to find him a red cloak and Rory thinks we should erect a sarcophagus for him. He’s so big and well, fits with my slowly growing Egyptian motiff that I figure he will stay up year round.

MIA is Spawn. Spawn, please report to DS3 for Samhain duties.

In celebration of the 8th year of Radcliffe (and actually having money left over after paying rent for a change) I have finally gotten around to registering the great Church its very own web domain… complete with website (albeit practically empty) and email! So uh, check it out. Its now my featured link on LiveJournal.

Who wants a RadcliffeULC.org email addy? Huh? You? Sorry… Email accounts are restricted to Radcliffe Clergy and Assorted Staff only.