2010: Retrospectacle


It has been some years since I’ve done one of these posts, recapping on the year just passed.

As far as years go, 2010 wasn’t bad.   Not much happened until the end.    Mostly I spent the year waiting for word on whether or not I was going to have to move… word that didn’t come until about mid-November.

For Gabe, this was all old-hat.   In the nine years, or so that he’s lived there, he says, the place has been perpetually on the market.   So he’s used to the idea of knowing you might get told to move at any time.

Well it finally happened, so I closed out the Old Year packing up our stuff and carting it a few blocks south-east.

Other than that, nothing else much went on.    Gabe worked some of the year, and didn’t a fair chunk of it as well.   In December he changed jobs so that we now both have full-time work.   Unfortunately he took a pay cut in the process.    Still, steady income is better.    We just both wish his base-salary was better.    Its a sales-job though, so he gets bonuses each month tied to the store’s performance.

Also in 2010 two of my very good friends returned from the Laughing Swamps of Louisiana to live on the street behind mine… only to have me move on them a few months later.  

I guess we can say it was a quiet year that ended with a bang.     The inauguration of Radcliffe’s ‘New Temple’ went off on the final day of the year.    It did suffer a momentary cancellation, but… let’s just say the spirits of the Church were all too ready to party and wouldn’t let a domestic squabble put a dampener on the celebration that needed to happen.    All in all it was just the distraction we needed to cool our heads.   When life leaves you blind, love keeps you kind.    So sayeth Chester, anyway.   🙂

2010 was also a landmark year for this here blog.    That may be because its when it launched, at least on WordPress.   They sent me some yearly stats and rated it as “wow,” meaning I did a good job with it.   Over a hundred new posts.   (Technically all, but since i was importing from LiveJournal, the remaining 400+ are past-dated prior to 2010.)   Its logged about 2500 views, so I guess Rune is right… I have fans.    More than I knew.

Curious, though, is that ‘sorceror1978’ is one of the top five search terms associated to traffic with this blog.    Yes, Russell, your cyber-stalking is not going unnoticed.   (Its kinda cute, really.)    🙂


So that is that on my retrospectacling of the old year.     Oh yeah, and 2010 finally delivered on the decades-long promise of having flying cars on the market.    Ten years late, but now they’re here.    Take cover!

2011’s theme for me, I think, is going to be one of rebirth and rejuvenation.  Probably not for me, personally, but for things I touch.     We’ll revisit that in about 362, or so, days.   🙂

We generated a modest list of suggestions for the New Year Motto.   I’ll be compiling them online later tonight and setting up a voting-type-of thing.   The personal motto I have for you all, though, is this:   We’re all children of the same Earth.

I hope everyone had a great end-of-year celebration (or at least a great end-of-the-year if you didn’t celebrate in any particular fashion).    May 2011 bring you much joy and prosperity!

2002: Retrospectacle

So here I sit a wee bit shy of an hour away from 2002. Still no flying cars. Instead I’m in a priest suit, with a clown hat on painting a married couple. Great. I got $39 dollars for it. And wow. That crashed my little game. Guess its time to write write write. [Edit: 12/23/2010: I’ll assume I was referring to The Sims Online.]

Well, this year has seen its share of catastrophie and goodness. Financially things are a mess right now, though there is a wee ray of hope. My stepfather we have recently learned has quite advanced throat cancer. Probably will be okay though, but could likely lose his voicebox.

I’m into my sixth month of Russell. Things with him are going quite well much to my surprise. We’ve exceed a gay milestone, three months.

I need to go visit my folks.

In work life, i’ve finally landed in Xbox. Hooray hooray. Still learning, but I get to do some systems testing which should be pretty educational. I like it so far. Good opportunities.

2002 was a year like any other year. Sure it was a bit surreal on September the 11 and October the 12. 10/12 was the 1 year anniversary of anthrax. Actually it was only surreal on September 11, cause I knew without a doubt that a year ago that day there were not any airplanes flying over me (as I watched some fly over me).

I guess that 2002 has seen a bit of hardening in me. My greatest flaw is my compassion. I tend to be too compassionate, often times to my own suffering. And that is just a bad feedback loop.

I also learned this year that there is some evidence to suggest that human intelligence is also the result of a feedback loop. Didn’t know that, did you?

Lets see…. I dunno. I still play video games. mmm… cherry soda….

My teeth are improving, yes. More specifically the gums aren’t “as inflamed” as the charts previously mentioned so i’m doing good.

now to fill these damn cavities. well the rest of them.

So um, yeah. Like 2002 was cool and all, but like I really don’t know what was very special about it…

EXCEPT that i got a pretty freakin awesome boyfriend. He better stick around too.

1/27/03 will mark our 6 month mark… an important milestone in the forging of a long-term-relationship.

Well aidios my children. Happy new year and best of luck to you. I know not this year’s motto.