It’s Crunch Time Mr. Kim


Did everyone see Kate Mulgrew on Warehouse 13 playing Reagent Jane?   I really miss Voyager.  Frak Fire-fly.  Bring back Voyager!

(and Fire-Fly.)

Animated series are conceivable folks.   SGU conclusion anyone?   The rest of Caprica maybe?   That Atlantis movie we were ‘promised?’  

Which reminds me…   If you didn’t know, Thundercats has been rebooted on Cartoon Network.  I’m still getting used to the new cats, but loving it.



On to the crunch.

Tis the last day of September and I’m sad to announce, that we remain behind schedule.   It is, conveinently, now officially going to be October come ‘morrow and that means I can feel better about doing things outdoors.   (For my neighbor’s sake, I try and wait until October before doing anything that impacts my curb appeal.   It may, however, last well into November.)

I have, in the past, completely done the interior over the course of a weekend.   I’m well into that already, so I’m going to put that same kind of busy-bodiedness into swing this weekend and hopefully knock the bulk of it out.   (If cobwebs aren’t going up by Sunday night, I’ve failed.)

Now where’s Ensign Kim when you need someone to boss around?


Post all this holiday franticness, expect some entries chronicling the new adventures of the Thunderans and their dark nemesis.   I’m gonna do a quick rewatch and post about each episode.   Spoilers will no doubt abound.


This blog has been garnering a lot of failed attempts to spam it.    A lot.   Fortunately the spam-filtration systems are doing a fine job of preventing anything from making it to print.


Eureka got the ax, and will be wrapping up with the current season.   Unfortunate.   I just sat down last night to start watching this season.   However in a sign I’m taking as success, they did green-light an extra episode so that this series, at least, will have the opportunity to actually wrap things up.    I’d like to think its the backlash over SGU, which was a final straw for many of us, is what prompted them to go ahead with this extra episode instead of their usual MO of cancelling a show after the production studio is wrapping up the season without sufficient time to retool final episodes to make them finales.

Hopefully I’ll be getting my car repaired and legal for the road again next week without much fuss or excessive repair bills.    Apparently its leaking coolant now though as well, and I fear that could get expensive as there was no obvious signs of where said leak is originating.    But we’ll see.  Being down to a single vehicle is not fun.     Unfortunately is just bolsters Gabe’s position that we should replace it with his (which I just don’t like) and he’ll get a truck.      I’m not necessarily opposed to a new car, but I’m certainly not replacing my vehicle for his.    Not that his car is a bad car or anything… I just don’t like it.     I’ve driven it around enough to know that I’d never be happy with it.   

The thing I want to avoid, because I feel like I’ve wasted to much of my life on it already, is waiting.    I don’t want to be waiting for the day I can get a new (or at least new-to-me) vehicle so I can be driving around in a car I’m happy with and like.    Especially since I already have such a vehicle.    Sure it needs some work, but its ten years old.    As far as his concerns that the handling is off, I don’t know what he’s talking about.   Granted, having been with it since it was 13 miles old (that’s over 100k miles ago), any decline in stability has been gradual and largely unnoticed to me as a result.   However I’ve been driving his around for the past week with this in mind and honestly can’t tell a difference.     At ten years and going, though, new suspension and shocks wouldn’t be a bad idea though.

These things of course can get pricey.   However I don’t feel they need to be done all at once, and could instead be spread out over time, allowing me to save up for it.    Its a good car that has served me really well and I have no desire to replace it.    If I hit megabucks, I think one of the first things I’d do is take it in for a complete overhaul and have them rebuild it like it was new.   That and update its interior systems.    An in-dash navigation system, for example, would be swell.    But that’s not likely.   I very rarely feed the casino machines.

No, I think I’ll be keeping my car for a good while yet.    I don’t share in Gabe’s assessment that my vehicle is, particularly, unsafe.   Might not have the highest ratings, but it doesn’t have the lowest ones either.    Far more dangerous things in my day-to-day life than my car.    Plus I drive like an old lady anyway.    Its been so long since I’ve been involved in an accident or even had a traffic violation that I can’t actually tell you how many years its been.    I don’t speed, generally pick a lane and stay in it (even if it means getting stuck behind slower moving vehicles).    I’m just a patient and relaxed driver that knows I’ll get where I’m going eventually, so no reason to burn fuel to shave a few seconds off my trip.   I probably still take my corners a bit too tight though.    As far as my car’s handling goes… it’s always been a little sensitive.    After ten years of driving it, I know it very well and can pilot it fine.    I think Gabe is just used to his vehicles and so mine feels different.      I’ve seen people walk away unscathed after rolling their SC2 down a cliff, so I’m not feeling particularly threatened in it.    I suppose if someone T-Bones the driver side, I’m screwed, but I long ago got in the habit of looking both ways before crossing an intersection.    

Unfortunately I don’t know where that leaves Gabe.   I’m not taking his car.   So he can either pay it off (as it should be pretty close to paid off) and then go find a used truck somewhere so he can continue having car payments… or trade his in towards his truck.     I find myself in agreement that we have a genuine  need for a truck, but I’m of the mind that we could just get is car paid off first and ultimately have all three.   My car for getting me to and from wherever I go.   His sedan for when we take road trips and/or we have more than two people (there is a reason i opted for a coup and not a sedan… I didn’t want people riding in my back seat but did want a place to strap the dogs in).    The truck for his work and hauling the crap around that doesn’t fit in my trunk… like that replacement washing machine we need to go find.

Random Things


So I got a bit of a surprise this morning…  that beer-gut (which is funny ‘cause I don’t drink beer) is melting away.    If I 1) practice proper posture and 2) suck in my gut a bit… well its gone.    The surprise was I stretched after getting out of the shower, caught a glimpse of me in the mirror… and realized that was my teenage form I was looking at.   

So yay.. this diet modification business is working.


I don’t think its impact is yet evident but I did get the total gym out of storage and setup last Sunday.    I’ve been doing the starter exercises on there since I need to get my body warmed up to this type of thing.

So far so good though.   I’ve managed to do it four days in a row now, which is (i’m sad to say) a new record.    Couple of instances where I had to motivate myself  (no, you can’t play Zelda until you’ve finished your sets), but all in all seem to be eager to do it.


Xbox had the red-ring of death on me earlier in the week… which prompted me to extract the game-cube from the garage and hook it up.    Figured I might as well finish Twilight Princess.      Looks terrible on a HD television.     Also, for some reason, this installment still doesn’t pull me in like previous ones.    Really wish I had a copy of Link to the Past for the gamecube.    Might go play Ocarina instead though.


Just confirmed that my email / password combos do not appear to be in the leaked credentials that Lulzsec released.    Check this site to see if your account has been compromised:

Might be a good idea to change your passwords anyway if you use any of the following:

Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, Yahoo and World of Warcraft



If you’re a fan of Stargate, or SciFi in general, you might want to head out to Facebook and join the SaveSGU page.     It is, of course, a long-shot that SGU will get resurrected but the wider aim is to show networks that we geeks are not to be trifled with… that we support SciFi, that we want to see it thriving, and that we simply will not stand for the treatment they are giving our shows.     You have to hedge your bets a little differently when dealing with serialized television… so either stop making those kinds of shows (which we love, so that might evoke our wrath), limit the arcs to a single season, or just pony up and order all five seasons.    

May 9, 2011: Farewell, Destiny! (via Josephmallozzi’s Weblog)

Today is a sad, sad day… marking the conclusion of one of the longest running SciFi television franchises…

After tonight… the Iris will close.

May 9, 2011: Farewell, Destiny!  Over the course of my 11+ years on Stargate, I have almost always been surprised by the annual pick-up/cancellation announcements.  I was shocked to hear that we’d be doing a sixth season of SG-1, then stunned by the announcement that we would be coming back for a seventh.  I was astounded to learn SG-1 would be doing an eight year, gobsmacked to find out we’d doing a ninth, then utterly flabbergasted by the news that there would  be a tenth.  Fi … Read More

via Josephmallozzi’s Weblog

Every destiny has an end…

Except when its Stargate.

This is a long over due blog post. News of SGU’s cancellation has been a bit hard to swallow, despite having some predictive indicators that that was where things were heading.

SyFy is not to be trusted. Indeed I haven’t graced their network with my viewership since they announced the cancellation. There are still 5 unwatched episodes of Caprica on my DVR. Another show killed without giving the production a chance to wrap it up.

On the one hand, I fully appreciate the realities of television. Shows are not produced simply to entertain me. They’re produced to make money. Its the way of our world. Mostly I’m okay with that. I understand that a show I really enjoy may not translate to mass-appeal. It may well end before its run its natural course. So be it.

The problem I’m finding is in the shift toward more serialized television. The days of self-contained-episodes is drawing to a close. Shows where each episode are stand-alone are becoming an endangered species. We have reality television which got us hooked on following a ‘story’ week over week. Then we got shows like 24 and Lost that were huge hits, and mandated tuning in each week to follow along. Casual viewers really don’t have a lot of options these days. I have to pick and choose what shows to invest myself in.

Shows such as SGU or BSG require more than a casual commitment. There are big arcs that spread over multiple seasons. Such shows call for a deeper investment by its audience. Investment. Investments are risky, and the more investment a show requires of you, the bigger the potential pay out. The bigger the disappointment too. I get a much richer story experience out of them. Its why I make that investment.

I understand the networks make an investment into the series they broadcast as well. Sometimes those investments don’t pay out the way they would like. Its not wise to keep pouring money into something that isn’t performing to expectations. You can retool, but if its television, you have a bit of a wait before you can analyse the results of your tweaking. Sometimes the wait itself is just too costly.

What annoys me though, is that networks are making the decision to enter into riskier formats of television without altering how they mitigate that risk. The industry is not adapting to how people like me consume their television anyway. The old formulas simply do not work anymore.

They’d like to blame the DVR, but they overlook its predecessor. When I was moving back in December, I cam across a box of my old VHS tapes. All my weekly rotations for my VCR to record all my shows, so I could watch them at my liesure. (Kinda interested to know what’s still on them… must find a working VCR.) This viewing habit may have skyrocketed as DVRs became more and more prevalent (no more needing to remember to put the tape in), but its a viewing behavior that is now 20 years old. We were doing it in the 90s, we’re doing it today. Why isn’t the industry catching up to its consumers’ behaviors? Talk about capitalism being broken.

Yet this doesn’t play into ratings. We don’t get counted unless we tune in live AND have a nelson-box. For serialized television shows, the liklihood of delayed viewing over a DVR increases. Its not uncommon to queue up several episodes and have a mini-marathon over the weekend. Especially with something like BSG or SGU that always ends the episode with a ‘now what’ moment. You’re hooked and you want more. A sign of a successful episode, really. What got me into shows like the Sopranos was viewing it on DVD, which may well then lead me to tuning in on television (often by subscribing to a premium channel).

The downside, potentially, to making such an investment of yourself into a story is that by becoming a dedicated (vs. casual) viewer, you’re investing more than just your time. Every week you have a group of characters come into your home. As you identify with and relate to them, you’re getting emotinally entangled (sometimes without realizing it). Sooner or later all shows must come to an end. What does that mean when you’ve forged a connection with it?

When BSG reached its conclusion, I literally went through a period of mourning. I recall having to force myself awake one morning because (having some degree of lucidity in my dreaming) I realized my dream was about BSG and it was making me sad. Really sad. I needed to get out of that and into something happier or risk having a moody day. The characters you have come to know (and perhaps love) are not coming over to visit anymore when a show is done. Its as if you had a group of friends who were all in a freak accident together and got killed. That can be a bit devastating if it were the real world.

We can thankfully console ourselves that we’re mourning fictional people, but it only takes some of the edge off it. That anyone would experience this over a TV show, probably sounds silly. Though anyone who mocks me over it is someone I would likely find to be a very sad individual. How disconnected they must be from life to not be able to relate to some degree. Basically, to have me choked up over a TV show just means the people who wrote it did their jobs right. Its supposed to touch you on an emotional level. Its what makes it worthwhile. (Mind you, I just don’t enjoy mindless entertainment, which kills most television for me.) Its what also makes it annoying as all crap when that cancellation order comes in.

I wouldn’t mind my shows being cancelled so much except for how SyFy goes about it. Repeatedly they’ve ordered full seasons, allowed them to all get written, filmed, and be well into post-production when they say, “Sorry, but you’re not coming back for another season.” Caprica, Stargate Alantis, and now Stargate Universe. Three strikes for SyFy, and I’m out. Each one cancelled without affording the prodcution the opportunity to even try and wrap the story up.

Now I’ve seen a few shows over the years where they were given this time, and frankly, the ending was a bit rushed and clunky. But at least they gave it an effort to resolve the story for me. A bad ending is still and ending. I’d rather have that than a story that stops in the middle. (Of course then we have things like the X Files that ran longer than they should have… that ending should have come sooner.) But that is not to be with SyFy.

So its with sadness that I tune out of Caprica (with five episodes to watch) and SGU (with ten episodes left to air starting in a couple of weeks). I suppose in the end, I’ll probably pick it all up on DVD and eventually watch them. I watched Crusade knowing it got canned before its first season was up. Left me a lot of unanswered questions in the Babylon 5 universe, but at least filled me in on some things I was unaware of in that playground.

With Caprica and SGU, it doesn’t feel like a freak accident ended the lives of my fictional ‘friends.’ It feels like SyFy murdered them. That’s harder to cope with. I genuinely feel like a crime was committed and justice will not be done.

The impact for SyFy may be more dire. I’m hoping this is antoher trend I can set. But i am resolved to NOT watch Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. Despite my fanaticism for the BSG series, and my deep desire to explore the first cylone war… I’m not doing it if SyFy is involved. I can’t trust them to order their episodes and make their decisions in a coordinated fashion with the production studio. I don’t want another great story to start and cut me off just as I become inextricably hooked.

This also means I won’t be returning for Sanctuary (this one, at least, I’m taking myself out of the investment before SyFy ends it without a conclusion). Haven, which got off to a slow start, was kind of picking up in the end. It interested me, though perhaps not as deeply as some other shows. Certainly makes me want to read the book its based on. But I’m not tuning in for the second season of that either. Eureka? Warehouse 13? Shows that are great fun (and a bit more geared for casual viewing) and that I really like and that will not be getting my viewership.

I’ll stick to my video games to get my story-fixes. And books. At least those all have a begining, middle, and end. No one is putting out a half-written book, or a half-finished video game. Its either complete, or not for sale. One day, television will be this way too.

Rise up, oh masses, and herald the new era sooner, rather than later. Oh, and don’t watch SyFy. They should be punished harshly. Really, thats what its about for me. Boycot them. Doesn’t matter that they still have some shows I really enjoy, and some stories I’d like to finish. Burn me, and I will excercise all my power as a consumer by making my investments with your competitors. I encourage all of you do follow suit.

Or maybe instead of just abandoning my stories, I’ll just start picking them up on DVD instead. SyFy gets no revenue off that unless they happen to own the show outright (most they license the show from its true owners). For Stargate, my DVD money goes to MGM who has been staunch supporters of their property.

In closing, I wanted to share what really is one bad-ass little fan video showcasing my beloved Stargate franchise. If you’ve never seen any of the Stargate shows, then I’ll be particularly interested in hearing from you after you’ve watched this. I think this vid is sure to peak your interest in Stargate (unless you’re just boring).


This is shaping up to be a really crappy afternoon.

Not only am I extremely stressed out that the cash-for-keys we were supposed to be getting for early-moving out of the house may be falling through   (because a certain law-firm can’t be bothered to communicate)…  leaving us totally screwed and unable to pay what we need to pay by the end of this month…


But now I find out SyFy is screwing me over (again) as well.    


Did I spell that right? Anyway, Klingon Opera finally comes to Earth!

UPDATE: In other Trek-related news, the Tractor Beam finally becomes a reality, at least on a small scale:

Perhaps I should recatogrize this post as Sci-Fa (for Science Fact, vs. Science Fiction)

The Lords of Kobol are Kind to Us…

Or perhaps its more handiwork from the One True [Cylon] God.

Caprica will resume its first season a few months earlier than we were told,  picking up on Tuesdays following Stargate Universe.   Caprica’s return is now October 5th, at 10 PM on SyFy.

Sanctuary will remain on Friday nights following wrestling.

My favorite quote from the news:

It’s something of a reunion for the two franchises, since Syfy split up the perfect night of sci-fi it had going with Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica.

Yup.  Those were PERFECT SciFi Fridays.     Kinda sad that Sanctuary is on another night, but that is what the DVR is for.   Looking forward to having three shows again instead of two.    (Sanctuary is now premiering October 15th at 10 PM following Smackdown.)   

Here’s how Syfy teases the rest of Caprica‘s freshman year:

The second half of season one will transport us from stunningly vivid, twisted Virtual realities to the fascinating outer worlds of the 12 Colonies. Along the way, revolutionary tensions rise, family power shifts and our characters grapple with the physical and emotional consequences of their questionable decisions. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion, each episode lays the groundwork for the inevitable (and brutal) clash between the new Cylon race and its human creators.

Sounds fraking exciting to me.     Still no confirmation (I’ve been able to find anyway) on the green-light for a second season of Caprica, but at least the 9 month wait has shortened to six…   and that six months concludes in just a few weeks.

Thank you Lords of Kobol, we’ve missed our weekly visits to your Colonies!    So Say We All!

(If you haven’t yet seen Caprica, well, the first half is also due out on DVD on 10/5, same night as the second half premieres, so… no opportunity to get caught up before hand sadly, but pick up the DVDs, DVR the new episodes, and catch yourself up!    Its pretty thought-provoking television.)

A MultiPost


Several unrelated blog entries, all in one.

In other news…

Last night was the first of what will be several nights all alone.   Gabe is safely in Oregon, where he is installing a new fire alarm & intrusion detection for his sister.    Then he’s off to his mom’s to do some work on her place.     I have at least two more weeks of living alone to go.    I foresee much Xboxing in my immediate future. 



My Seeds of Discontent are Sprouting!

I feel somewhat vindicated as I hear more and more ‘news’ like the following article out there in Americana:–voters-wish-for-other-choices-101631283.html

At least some people are coming out of their hibernation.   

Since I am a devote non-partisan (more accurately a devote anti-partisan), it would appear that the senate race is mine to decide.    Mwa ha ha ha ha.     

What I find appalling is that the people polled seem to be of the mind they don’t have another choice already, that they must choose between two candidates they don’t really want.    (As though the ‘anyone but [insert today’s devil here]’ campaigns have proven wildly successful over the past decade.)  

Let me clear something up for you Nevadans of the mind you only have two choices for US Senate.    We have several other alternatives for you to choose from… and you still have a couple of months to vet them out  (where available I have their names linked to their campaign sites to get you started on that process):

In addition to one Sharon Angle, running against Harry Reid this year are the following (in no particular order than what they were listed in when i copy/pasted the list):

Tim Fasano (IAP)
Businessman & Navy Veteran

Scott Ashjian (Tea Party)  (I thought they were trying to avoid being an actual party)

Michael Haines (Independent)

Jesse Holland (Independent)
Metallurgical Worker

Jeffrey Reeves (Independent)
Teacher & ’08 US Rep. Candidate

Wil Stand (Independent)

I doubt you’ll find any of them are battier than Angle and Reid.    So while we may still be relegated to nut-jobs, at least we have a number of nut-jobs to choose from.

Hilarious Picture Time:

wp95422704 (I knew the Pope looked familiar.. this is actually from one  of those nutty ‘alternative-choices’ we Nevadans have.   But is he so nutty?)

While the rest of you are ‘stuck’ without ‘real’ choices, I get to enjoy having six candidates to choose from.  (Still undecided amongst the six, but at least I have choices… if any of you six are reading, stopping by my house to meet with me will all but seal the deal for you.)  Smaller, more local elections, you often do end up having two (non) choices, but in a race as big as the US Senate, you can count on having alternatives to the two-party system destroying the very foundation of the country.

Silly Nevadans.   You don’t have to vote for Angle just because you believe (as many of us do) that Harry Reid needs to exit the Senate.    The argument that not voting for the two party system is wasting a vote is silly, more than a little simple-minded, and ultimately comes down to being a self-fulfilling prophecy.     

Here are my campaign slogan for whatever race I one day might end up in:    


Except I have my eyes on a judicial posting.   I’ll spend most of my time on the bench dismissing cases for being silly and a waste of tax-payer time and dollars.


Happy Friday!

“Shark attacks on humans are very rare. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be attacked by Charlie Sheen than a shark.”

-Jimmy Kimmel on Live!



The count-down is on.   We have one month to go and its all-new Stargate.    When that’s done… its all-new Caprica!      Sadly Eureka doesn’t seem to be showing signs of fixing its time-line, so I guess I should get used to Fargo being the head of GD.   I think it would be good if next time Carter is in charge of GD.   Or Sarah.   But I digress.   SGU is returning and some big reveals are coming our way.   What is the Destiny’s mission?  What is that awesome new set?    What will get Rush and Young on the same page?    Oh, and now Telford is actually onboard!  

What has been interesting to me about SGU is the speed in which the pay-offs keep coming from the teases.    {SPOILER ALERT}

For example, when Young left Rush on that desert planet, I figured it would be toward the end of the season before we found Rush back onboard the Destiny.   Instead, it was pretty immediately worked out.   Not that I mind.  It pleases me to be surprised as Stargate had become a bit too predictable, and SGU has consistently surprised me in the pace of developments.   It helps too that with each pay-off comes another ‘now what’ moment.    Serialized television.   Its interesting.    🙂



Since the idea crept into my head, it hasn’t left… so I think I’m going to go for it.   The first annual Radcliffe Bacon Party!     I’m picking 9/29 for the event, for no other reason that its my brother’s birthday.  I have no idea what his culinary leanings are like, so I hope he likes Bacon, because its what’s on the menu as I observe his holiday.

Bacon Party:    Bring a dish that involves bacon in some way.   Preferably a creative, really?!-you’d-put-bacon-on-that? kind of dish.    Then we’ll spend the evening in fellowship whilst sampling some bacon delicacies.

You have a month for that too, so start trying recipes.