It’s finally Friday?


Got to kick my own door in this morning.    Yeah, that’s the day I’m having.    I admit I panicked a bit.   Shut the bedroom door to contain the doggies for the day, only to realize I left my keys in there.   Went to open the door—and its locked!   WTF?!  Freaked a little that my dogs were now locked inside a room that I couldn’t get into.  I didn’t lock it.   Turns out the doorknob seized up.   Fortunately the damage from my radical dislocation of the door was minimal.   Door itself I think is even salvageable.   Door knobs, however, are all going to be replaced.   Turns out we have a lot of locks we don’t have any keys for.   That’ just won’t do.


In other news… I got to see my insides yesterday.   That was kind of neat.   Been experiencing a lot of pain in my left shoulder and neck.   Feels like everything has been shoved inward.   Basically I have bones where they shouldn’t be.

As my chiropractor had retired, I kept putting off getting anything done about it because I needed to find a new one.   Finally tried a new guy out yesterday.   turns out he knows my old one who, like a pro athlete or something, has actually come out of retirement.    But I was already there, so figured we might as well proceed.

I like the new guy, and ended up getting a lot more than a simple adjustment out of my visit.   First there was a fairly detailed exam followed by some x-rays of my spine.

I got to see my own skeleton!   Well part of it.  I’d have really liked to see my entire skull.   Neverthless, what a great halloween treat!   Turns out that my neck is straight (yeah, yeah) but the rest of the spine not so much.   This is backwards.   One’s neck should have a graceful curve (according to the literature) and of course the rest of the spine should be fairly straight (in-so-far as the overall vertical alignment goes).  My spine juts out to my right a bit, about half-way down my back.

Good news is that its the very early stages of degeneration in my neck, and no permanent damage seems to have yet occurred.    So i’ll be using state-of-the-art technology—a towel—to attempt to correct it and get my neck’s curve back.   My head sits a little bit more forward than it should, putting un-needed stress on the vertebrae that make up my neck.

Following the X-rays he warmed my back up with a heating pad, ran some machine over me that gave me a good massage, made a few chiropractic adjustments, then put me under some sonic treatment to ‘micro-massage’ the pain areas.  It sends sound waves into the body that, amongst other things, break up scar tissue.  Following that I was put on ice for a good ten minutes and then released until tomorrow when I go back for a more detailed review of my Xrays and follow-up treatment.

I’m already experiencing a tremendous relief.   Neck is still a bit stiff, but the pain in my shoulder/back is barely there anymore.   Now if I can just get my body accustomed to remaining asleep while on its back.   Its gonna be tough as I’ve been trying to get myself able to sleep that way for years with little success.   

How do I explain this to You?

Its the notion that something like same-sex marriage is going to somehow derail a kid’s childhood…as though they actually spend a great deal of time wrestling with such things in their mind.    Sentiments of ‘How will I explain this to my children?” as though they won’t be able to continue being kids.

Maybe its not your kids that need such help.    Indeed, maybe they can help explain it to you.   Maybe you’re making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

Kids encounter new-to-them situations all the time.   Its called growing up.    It actually happens in adulthood too, yet it seems that children are far better able to roll with this sort of thing than many of their parents.    Or at least that’s a picture being painted.

I’ve witnessed it myself.   Kids are curious, and when they’ve worked it out, they move on… to ping pong or what-have-you.     Unless of course we, as adults, plant bad seeds of thought in their heads.    They tend to just accept, however, without any anxiety.   Like this boy, who reasons it out for himself, based on what he’s been told up to that point about married people.   They love each other.  Boys are husbands.  Girls are wives.     So yeah, two married boys are husband and husband and they love each other.   Makes sense to me.   Makes sense to him.     Not really sure why its such a mystery for other people.

Unfortunately I think this video speaks volumes upon volumes and that much of that will be lost upon the adult-world.