It’s Crunch Time Mr. Kim


Did everyone see Kate Mulgrew on Warehouse 13 playing Reagent Jane?   I really miss Voyager.  Frak Fire-fly.  Bring back Voyager!

(and Fire-Fly.)

Animated series are conceivable folks.   SGU conclusion anyone?   The rest of Caprica maybe?   That Atlantis movie we were ‘promised?’  

Which reminds me…   If you didn’t know, Thundercats has been rebooted on Cartoon Network.  I’m still getting used to the new cats, but loving it.



On to the crunch.

Tis the last day of September and I’m sad to announce, that we remain behind schedule.   It is, conveinently, now officially going to be October come ‘morrow and that means I can feel better about doing things outdoors.   (For my neighbor’s sake, I try and wait until October before doing anything that impacts my curb appeal.   It may, however, last well into November.)

I have, in the past, completely done the interior over the course of a weekend.   I’m well into that already, so I’m going to put that same kind of busy-bodiedness into swing this weekend and hopefully knock the bulk of it out.   (If cobwebs aren’t going up by Sunday night, I’ve failed.)

Now where’s Ensign Kim when you need someone to boss around?


Post all this holiday franticness, expect some entries chronicling the new adventures of the Thunderans and their dark nemesis.   I’m gonna do a quick rewatch and post about each episode.   Spoilers will no doubt abound.